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Tech Loft Podcast: The Brave Browser

  After a couple of years, I've finally got around to making a podcast/video on my favourite browser; BRAVE. If you're someone focused on using privacy focused software and technology, please give a watch to this episode and discover Brave's BRAVE BROWSER. Below you'll find my video as well as the audio version of the podcast.

SimCity For The Nintendo Entertainment System Console (NES)

When SimCity was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and I got to try it out from the rental store - I was amazed. I had never played a simulation game before and SimCity kept my attention for hours on end. That was in the 90s, such a great time. Fast forward to 2018, and a game rom of SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System was found! Honestly, I had no idea that the classic Nintendo console had the power to run a version of SimCity. But according to the story,  it was planned for the NES but was shelved and plans were set to release SimCity on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. SimCity for the NES made a brief appearance at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in 1991, but was canceled soon after, and was never seen again. That's what was thought until a cartridge containing an unfinished version of the game materialized at 2017’s Portland Retro Gaming Expo. To cut to the chase: This prototype is obviously not a finished game, as there are criti