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Hackintosh Shopping List Buyers Guide March 2012

Want to build a Mac desktop computer, but unsure what parts to buy since the OS X is very particular of which hardware is uses? Here is a list compiled as of September 2011. This list should help you get started at least hardware wise in building your very own Mac computer. A Sample Build Let’s take a look at a sample build so you can get an idea of what a basic hardware shopping list looks like. This is an actual hackintosh built,  based on hardware suggested by tonymacx86 . It only costs a little over $300, so it’s a great option for beginners.

Calibrate Your Android Phone, Laptop, Macbook, iPhone Battery Life

Calibration of your battery is essential every once a month, depending on your usage, it can be done once every six months. For your information, calibration is the act of discharging your macbook pro, android mobile phone, iphone, laptop or any devices’ battery power life until it is not bootable. Below is the step by step tutorial: Step 1 – Completely drain your battery until it completely shuts itself off. Step 2 – Turn the device on again and let it shut itself off one more time. Step 3 – Charge your device while it is off for over 8 hours. When you’re done, you should see a significant increase in your battery’s charge life. This can be seen with a dramatic increase in battery life even under heavy usage. We’ve tested this method on both our android mobile phone and Sony laptop and it works. Yet to test it on our iPad. We believe this battery calibration trick works on almost every notebook, laptop and mobile phone devices. If you happened to have a samsung, dell, hp, toshiba or a