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Steve Ballmer Puppet Video Collection

httpv:// For those that live under a rock and don’t know who Loren Feldman is, you have no idea what you’re missing. Loren Feldman is the genious behind 1938Media has created a great collection of Steve Ballmer puppet videos and I have to say, I love them! The Steve Ballmer puppet videos are hillarious and probably match Steve Ballmer’s personality to the ‘T’! I only wish it was a regular weekly series because I cannot get enough. Everyone should be watching these Steve Ballmer puppet videos! So what I’ve done is hit Loren’s YouTube channel and grab all his Steve Ballmer videos and place them here on my page for you to enjoy. I’ve create a YouTube Playlist with all the Steve Ballmer puppets videos I’ve managed to find on should be playing at the top of the page straight through. If you want to select which videos to watch, scroll down below for a listing of Steve Ballmer puppet videos. Ball

Maintenance on a Mac

With owning a Apple MacBook Pro and iMac, I’ve asked myself what maintenance can I run on my Macs to keep them in running order. Apple brags that their other products “just work,” so many people never consider regular maintenance for their Macs. For the most part, there’s really little upkeep that you need to do, and much of the maintenance tasks are ones you would do on a PC as well. First thing you’ll want to perform is regular software updates on the Mac (under the Apple menu > Software Update). You can configure Apple’s Software Update to automatically check for updates regularly. Regular backups are also an essential part of computer maintenance;  Apple’s built-in Time Machine backup program is pretty good. You’ll find Time Machine in the Applications folder. Besides those two things, the Mac maintenance article on Apple’s support site recommends organizing your files, archiving old files, and physically cleaning your computer. You can avoid problems by proactively running the