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iOS Flash Drive

If you own an iOS device, you’ll probably enjoy this find. While searching Amazon, I found a neat device to store extra photos and videos with an iOS Flash Drive ! While I’m sure there are plenty of Android versions of compact flash drives , this iOS flash drive is designed for iPhone and iPad owners . Since iOS devices don’t let you use microSD cards for extra storage, this could come in handy for offloading your phone’s vacation photos if you’re running low on space, or storing extra movies and TV shows for long flights. We’ve seen deals on a few similar products in the past, but $30 for 32GB is the best price we’ve seen.

Top List of Legal Kodi Movie Addons

For those that want to try using legitimate source for watching movies online, here’s a list of Legal Kodi Movie Addons of some great sources. All these sources host content that is free, pubic domain or whose creators want them free and openly shared. I know this isn’t a list of Hollywood blockbusters, but I think it’s a great source of some ‘alternative’ media that you may not find in some main stream addons. Vimeo – Vimeo seems second to YouTube when it comes to size and popularity, but it’s still a great video upload service for short film and independent filmmakers.Folks looking for something great to watch, Vimeo’s Staff Picks is full of gems that run the gamut from drama to documentary to science fiction and back again. You can find the Addon and how to install it here: Top Documentary Films – TDF, is another great documentary site—broken up by category, from war and global conflict and crime to health and environment, and so on. Like other d