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Maurizio Bevilacqua On Linda Jackson Defeat

It’s 2010 and the City Of Vaughan has elected a new mayor. FINALLY, a candidate worthy of Vaughan’s mayorship. I no longer live in Vaughan but if I did, my vote would go to Maurizio Bevilacqua. In 2006, deciding between Michael DiBiasi and Linda Jackson was a real head scratcher. Michael had experience sitting in as mayor but his reputation was questionable. Have you heard the story of Michael DiBiasi’s traffic tickets magically disappearing? Well, I’ll save that for a future post. And then there was Linda Jackson. Linda, daughter of Lorna Jackson thought that being a daughter of a city official was enough to count as ‘experience’ to sit in the mayor’s seat. As you can see, the pickings were thin in 2006 and was enough to keep anyone from voting. And during the 2006 campaign, Linda had claimed the city council was so corrupt, one would need a front end loader and a 40 yard bin to clean up the city. Linda won, and half way through her term, council demanded for her resignation. Linda ne

Old Spice Is For Horses

So I read a billboard ad from Axe; the same people that bring you Axe body spray and all those other wonderful women attracting products. I found the billboard ad funny, but I re-worked the slogan and I feel that I made it better. Watch the video below for what SHOULD BE Axe’s slogan. httpv://

Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect Mini Review

So I got to try Microsoft’s XBox 360 Kinect motion sensor system and I was quite pleased with it’s first impressions. I was able to play Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventure . Both titles are most probably intended for group play but I had fun playing them solo. Now I only got to play with the Kinect system for a about 40 minutes and this posting is a mini review.

Stream Live Radio Through PlayStation 3 (PS3)

YES, YOU CAN STREAM RADIO THROUGH YOUR PS3 Did you know that you can listen to streaming radio through your PlayStation 3 (PS3) ENTERTANMENT console ? Well it’s very true and I am able to stream live radio through Playstation 3 console. The download that lets you accomplish this cool task is PS3 Radio. PS3 Radio is a free download and ‘plugs in’ to PS3 Media Server. TIMELY INSTALLATION, BUT EASY Setting up PS3 Radio is very easy but takes awhile to setup, so make sure you have a movie or video game ready because with the downloading of the radio files and ‘Playlist conversion’ process, it’s over an hour! But again, it’s very cool to have this feature enabled on your PS3 ENTERTAINMENT console . THE HOW-TO ON LISTENING TO LIVE RADIO Here’s that you’ll need: – Windows based PC – PS3 Media Server – PS3 Radio – PlayStation 3 Entertainment Console – PC and PS3 networked together on the same subnet (eg., 1. Download and install PS3 Media Server. 2. Close PS3 Me