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U2 Fruitleg: Orange Remixes

Melon spawned numerous bootleg imitations and was widely bootlegged itself. Various releases, known as “fruitlegs” or “fruitboots”, have been released as compilations of official and unofficial remixes of various U2 songs. Although they claim to be official with the “Remixed for Propaganda” subtitle and a fake copyright, only  Melon was approved by the band and released through the fan club.     Orange Remixes 1) Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station Remix) 2) Can’t Help Falling In Love (Mystery Train Dub Edit) 3) In The Name of The Father (ITNOTF Instrumental Mix) 4) Salome (Zooromancer Revisited Mix) 5) Numb (Remix by Ultra Hot Razor Crew) 6) Lemon (Trance In The Perfecto Mix) 7) Zooropa (911 Mix) 8) Numb (Perfecto Remix Edit) 9) Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Edit) 10) Until The End of The World (Short Life Mix) 11) Night and Day (All World Orange Mix) 12) Lemon (BYC Edit) DOWNLOAD

U2 Fruitleg: More Mellon

More Melon (Remixes For Propaganda) 1) Can’t Help Falling In Love (Mystery Train Dub Remix Edit) 2) Numb (Perfecto Remix Edit) 3) God Part II (Hard Metal Dance Extended Club Mix) 4) Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix) 5) Night And Day (All World Mix) 6) Salomé (Zooromancer Revisited) 7) Lemon (Trance In The Perfecto Mix) 8) Even Better Than The Real Thing (Rhythm Stick Mix) 9) Until The End of The World (Short Life Mix) Download Please join the movement to get your own FREE iPod & XBox 360: // SPECIAL OFFERS – FREE 16 GB iPod Touch Offer / FREE XBox 360 Offer //

U2 Fruitleg: Banana Remixes

Welcome to the first of many FRUITLEG posts! I have been searching 5+ years for these mp3s and now they’re here to be shared with all of you. Please download and enjoy these ‘unofficial’ U2 remixes. UPDATE: November 17th 2010, download link has been uploaded and updated…no password required..for now! Banana (Remixes For Propaganda) 1) Mysterious Ways (The Ultimatum Mix) 2) Mysterious Ways (Zooromancer Mix) 3) Lemon (Lemonade Mix) 4) Lemon (Special Mix) 5) Lemon (Serious Def Dub) 6) Mega Mix 1989 (The Soul Assassins Mix) 7) Two Hearts Beat as One (Special Mix) 8) Desire (Promo Mix) DOWNLOAD BANANA