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Quick HDTV Buying Guide

Many of you searching for a new television are probably contemplating which technology to choose when looking for an HDTV. Below you’ll find a quick reference guide comparing PLASMA, LCD and LED technology. All three t.v. technologies have their advantages according to their application of use whether it be for movies or gaming. According to the chart, if you game or watch sports, a PLASMA t.v. maybe your preference along with rich color and deepest black when watching movies. But when it comes to everyday usage, LED seems to be your choice. LCD LED Plasma Contrast / Black Level Up to 15000:1 (not as good as Plasma) Better than LCD Up to 3000:1 (better than LCD and LED) Brightness Brighter than plasma Brightest among the three Not the brightest. Color accuracy The best, gorgeously saturated colors View angle Up to 165° Up to 165° Up to 160° Fast moving videos (Sports) No motion blur, ideal for sports or video games Screen glare Less glare compared to plasma TVs Less glare compared to p

Hackintosh Updated From 10.7.2 To 10.7.3 No Audio

So Lion 10.7.3 has been released for a while now and I thought I wouldn’t care to update until June (when I move into my new place). I even locked up my hackintosh hard drives into storage thinking I wouldn’t need them. Well, tonight I got the itch, I went for the 10.7.3 update. It SORT of went well. I got my graphics and App Store working, however, I didn’t get my audio working. I MAY have missed a step, or the audio just stopped working with 10.7.3. If you’re using the same mother broad as I am; Giga GA-G41M-ES2L, the instructions below helped me get my audio restored on my hackintosh. Good luck! Method to get sound  (not mine ) Remove any alc8xx or voodoo from extraextension and system library extension Run given alc887HDA.kext using kext utility Run multi beast check system utilities apple hda rollback Non dsdt HDA enabler alc887888b run reboot REQUIRED DOWNLOADS: KEXT UTILITY ALC87HDA.KEXT

Stream Media From Western Digital MyBookLive To Playbook

If you’re a Playbook owner you should be please to know you can stream media from a media server such as TwonkyMedia to your Blackberry Playbook. Please note this has been tested and working with TwonkyMedia and it’s very easy to do. 1)  Open up the Blackberry Playbook Browser. 2)  Go to TwonkyMedia Browser Page: type in http://<mybook live ip address>:9000/webbrowse eg.  my ip was set to so for me the url is be 3)  Prove to yourself that it works: Click on the Videos link and pick something to play.  You will see that you can expand to full screen and jump to any point in the video. 4)  Navigate To The Start Page You Want: After playing a video, click BACK to either the TwonkyMedia Start Page or drill down to where you want to start.  For example, if you always want to access Videos, then Bookmark the Videos, which in my case is$3 5)  Save your Favorite to look like an App Icon: Click the Star