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Maximize BitTorrent Downloads

BASIC SPEED MAXIMIZING TIPS This post will show you the basics of boosting your BitTorrent download speeds. I won’t get you to install patches or run patches…I don’t want to mess with your operating system. The best BitTorrent client to use? Look no further than uTorrent . uTorrent is a freeware, closed source BitTorrent client by BitTorrent, Inc. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X . Both versions are written in C++.It gets the “ µ ” in its name from the SI prefix “micro” meaning one one-millionth and it refers to the program’s small footprint by using the UPX executable compressor. The program is designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet. What we’re going to show you is basically how to properly configure your BitTorrent client for the best possible connection without running any OS hacks or patches. You’re first going to run a few tests: 1. Bandwidth Test : http://www.spe

GIMP: BEST Free Alternative To Photoshop

GIMP Image Manipulation Adobe Photoshop is undeniably the number one choice of professional photographers and image and design professionals when it comes to editing photos. It’s a given that Photoshop will be the program they’re using. But while Photoshop is the top choice of professionals, it comes at a hefty price tag which leads many non-professional photographers to ask if they really NEED to use it. While the answer to that question can really only be answered by each person individually, there is a serious alternative to Photoshop that should be concerned. GIMP, despite it’s funny sounding name (which stands for the GNU Image Manipulation Program), is a powerful, full featured, open source photo editing program that can do a lot of what Photoshop can do. If you’re not familiar with Open Source software, it’s fantastic stuff. Basically it comes from very talented people who donate their time and skills to create software alternatives that are available free of charge. GIMP is a g

Flip UltraHD vs Kodak Zi8

For those that like to post videos like I do, you may find this product comparison useful. This is a short comparison between the 2 best video cameras used for video blogging or VLogging, the Flip UltraHD and Kodak Zi8 . Flip UltraHD – records in .MP4 format – 8 GB storage capacity – captures in 720p resolution – built in mic. – flat bottom surface to stand up device – includes rechargeable battery pack and the option to use ‘AA’ batteries – fits nicely in hand Purchase your through Amazon. Kodak Zi8 – expandable memory SD slot – capture 720p and 1080p – external mic. jack – records in .MOV format (not compatible with Sony Vegas) – case design does not let you stand the device upright – proprietary rechargeable battery – slightly thinner than Flip Ultra HD Purchase your through Amazon. Transfer .MOD Files To .MPG

Wide Angle Lens For iPhone 3G 3Gs

GSI Wide Angle iPhone Lens Turn your iPhone into a high end camera ! Outfit your Beloved iPhone with this new Quality Lens from GSI , and watch your iPhone develop into this Super Camera! Simply attach the Lens to the Backdoor Included, and the iPhone will take Crystal Clear Pictures from your Favorite People or Moments. Affordable and Extremely User Friendly, this is ideal for any iPhone User. Confirmed customer review: “ I love taking photos with my iphone, and when I saw this product i just had to try it. The lens and case are very well made. The case alone would cost the same price so the price point was awesome. I have started taking photos and they look great. Also- the fact that you can still use the case when you’ve taken the lens off is a huge plus. I would have given this product 5 stars because there is only one problem i have with this product- it would have been awesome to include a little lens cap. But that’s just me. The seller is awesome, the product is really cool and

U2's Zoo TV Sydney Streaming On YouTube

Calling all U2 fans!! Hopefully this will get some air play on YouTube…or perhaps SOMEONE on the interweb will find my creation useful. I’ve put together a Playlist on YouTube of U2’s 1993 concert in Sydney Australia . Since it’s a Playlist, all you have to do is watch and listen while the songs stream through all the videos I’ve selected in the Playlist . Enjoy!

U2's Zoo TV Sydney Streaming On YouTube

Calling all U2 fans!! Hopefully this will get some air play on YouTube…or perhaps SOMEONE on the interweb will find my creation useful. I’ve put together a Playlist on YouTube of U2’s 1993 concert in Sydney Australia . Since it’s a Playlist, all you have to do is watch and listen while the songs stream through all the videos I’ve selected in the Playlist . Enjoy!

U2's Zoo TV Sydney Streaming On YouTube

Calling all U2 fans!! Hopefully this will get some air play on YouTube…or perhaps SOMEONE on the interweb will find my creation useful. I’ve put together a Playlist on YouTube of U2’s 1993 concert in Sydney Australia . Since it’s a Playlist, all you have to do is watch and listen while the songs stream through all the videos I’ve selected in the Playlist . Enjoy!

Getting Started With Bit Torrent (uTorrent)

Ok, so this will help you with getting started with bit torrent. For all you readers that are still not in the Torrent game. Check list: uTorrent software (aka Torrent client): Website to download Torrent files: Steps: 1. Download uTorrent on to your desktop and install it. After installing you should find a new “U” icon on your desktop. Launch uTorrent. 2. Open up Internet Explorer (or whatever you surf the internet with). Navigate to 3. (On IsoHunt) Use the search bar and type the movie you want. Figure 1. shows the search bar. Type ‘Iron Man’ as an example Figure 2. shows the results of your search. Pay attention to the column “S” noted by the red circle I drew around the column. “S” stands for SEEDERS. SEEDERS are the number of COMPLETE copies of the movie out there available to download from. Click “S” and you’ll organize the column by the torrents with the MOST seeders on top. Figure 3. You want to download the

Play Apple iPod On XBox 360

Here’s a video on how to connect and play music from your Apple iPod on to your XBox 360. Real easy to do; just download the ACC update from XBox Marketplace and connect your iPod. Navigate to the MUSIC section of the XBox dashboard, and play away! Check the video for details and Dashboard walk through!

Turn OFF Auto-Focus Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000

LifeCam HD-5000 ANNOYANCE: Turn off Auto-Focus I’m sure the reason why you’ve stumbled upon this article was due to the horrendous auto-focus feature of Microsoft LifeCam’s. LifeCams, PRETTY NICE BUT CAN PISS OFF I like Microsoft’s LifeCams, picture quality is very good but not in low light environments. However, the auto-focus is feature is irritating when recording. THE EASY FIX THROUGH LIFECAM DASHBOARD Open the LifeCam Dashboard Uncheck TruColor Click on Properties Click on the Camera Control tab Uncheck the box next to Focus under Auto Click Apply (to save your changes) You can also follow the advice from the video below. This quick video will show you how to turn OFF the auto-focus on your Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 web camera. It’s all in the LifeCam Dashboard! This should work for any webcam that uses Lifecam software. Widgets  httpv://

Stream Movies (.AVI) Subtitles To PlayStation 3 (PS3) XBox 360

Stream video with subtitles on PlayStation 3 (PS3) and XBox 360 with PS3 Media Server. A guide to streaming movies / videos from your desktop PC to your gaming console (PlayStation 3, XBox 360) with subtitles using PS3 Media Server. REQUIRED FREE SOFTWARE: PS3 Media Server: AVISynth 2.5.7: Win7 Codec Pack:… Be sure to setup the directory that contain your movies if it’s your first time running PS3 Media Server.       httpv://

The Official Lost Epilogue

We have to go back , and this appears to be the way. Here’s a clip; full version available on the Season 6 and/or complete collection DVDs. FULL VERSION HERE: Read more: UPDATE: We’ve swapped the video with an official clip, per Disney’s request. But it’s still content from the epilogue.

AV Roe Avro Arrow C-105 Photo Series

Fitness Evolved With Microsoft Kinect

If you’re like many of us, you like the idea of working out and becoming healthier. However, once you spend all day at the office the last thing you want to do is come home, change clothes and leave to get all hot and sweaty at the gym. Many of us have felt bad for feeling this way, but there’s no need for that any longer. The people at Ubisoft understand where we’re coming from and they’ve created the perfect solution for us! It’s the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game for Microsoft Kinect! Microsoft Kinect is an add-on for Xbox 360 and will be released on November 4, 2010. This gaming technology is astounding as it will allow gamers to play games controller-free! One of those games is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft. This game is seriously going to blow your mind! First, with the technology behind Microsoft Kinect gamers will be scanned into the game. You will actually see yourself in the game. Not only will you see yourself in 3D, but Kinect will also scan all your dimensions i

Hidden Benefits of Video Games

Every gamer has at one time in their life heard someone say that video games are bad for your health. In modern times, the fact has become that most video games are good for the gamer. Fast-paced games are amongst the leaders of this change. Playing a fast-paced game, such as a racing game by the title of grid or a first person shooter such as counter strike, actually increases the response of the eyes and sharpens them so they pick up and quickly adjust to the situation on the screen which improves a person’s response time. Many video games are educational such as Immune Attack, Reader Rabbit and the revered Carmen Sandiego series are very beneficial to young children. Such games teach children valuable skills they will use in life such as reading, mathematics, spelling and decision making. A category of video games are classified under the title of simulation games. These games are very helpful in training new employees. Games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Train Simulator an

Xbox 360 Overheating Solution

Desperate Xbox 360 gamers are trying to find an adequate Xbox 360 overheating solution for their Xbox overheating problems. The search for a low cost solution has even led them to some less than reputable and at times dangerous “methods” or quick fixes. One of the more notable ones would be the “towel trick.” The irony of this one is that for a method which tries to solve the Xbox 360 overheating problems, the basics of this technique involves heating up the Xbox console to dangerous levels by wrapping it in a thick cotton towel while the unit remains turned on. Gamers need to know how to fix the overheating problem on their Xbox 360 before it becomes a bigger issue. The interior of the Xbox 360 is practically crowded due to its compact design. Heat producing parts are placed side by side preventing adequate air circulation causing it to overheat. Nothing can be done about the component arrangements but we can increase the amount of cool air that could be coming in through the vents to

Over-The-Air (OTA) Manifesto

Another friend of mine has erected an antenna in front of his house. Pulling 30 channels, he too will pull the plug on his cable and move off the ‘cable grid’. I also found the following ‘OTA Manifesto’ in my Inbox a few days ago. Please read: “Comrades, One home at a time, one neighbourhood at a time, we will slay the Rogers dragon, and lift the citizens of this great nation from the slumber of monopolistic tyranny!  The corporate CEOs will swing by their necks from the antennae that will rise from every homestead!  The myriad Indians employed at abroad call centres will return to their slums with their heads held high! Onwards and Upwards! Death to Monopoly, Freedom to the Viewers!”

Behemoth At Canada’s Wonderland Videos

Canada’s Wonderland’s BEHEMOTH The BLOG (my blog) has been getting a majority of it’s hit through ‘behemoth’ Google searches …it’s the number one reason people have been surfing on to the site. It’s strange to be honest, there’s only one post talking about the details of the hypercoaster and its the most requested page here on THE BLOG . So I found 2 videos, one captured from riding at the front of the coaster and the second riding at the rear of the coaster. Even watching the video of the drop still has me taking in a breather of air as the coaster falls from it’s initial drop. I took these videos from YouTube so forgive me, I didn’t film them but feel free to watch them over and over again!


Calling all Halo fans and Atari 2600 fans!! A great rendition of the popular XBox game Halo is now in the Atari 2600 flavor. Maybe I should try and create box art for it? UPDATE Okay, so I thought long and hard, and this is what I was able to put together I hope you like it! I think it only took me an hour to collect the images and actually assemble the cover art. I think I’ll notify the Halo 2600 creator that the box art has been created for his game…hope he likes it too! HALO 2600 (ATARI 2600)