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Moon Bitcoin Earning Chart

For those familiar with Bitcoin Faucet sites, Moon Bitcoin is a Bitcoin Faucet site that gives away free Bitcoins, or rather Satoshis (bits of Bitcoin). This post won’t get into the details of Bitcoin; I’ll save that for another post, but Moon Bitcoin lets you earn free satoshis within 5 minute increments minimum. I asked myself if the earnings would decrease over time if you let your claim about ride. So I searched the web for a Moon Bitcoin earnings chart; basically, a list or chart breaking down satoshi earnings by the minute. I was unsuccessful in locating a chart, so I created my own. Moon Bitcoin Satoshi Earnings as of March 14 2017 1 min = 2 satoshi 2 min = 8 satoshi 3 min = 12 satoshi 4 min = 16 satoshi 5 min = 21 satoshi (minimum claim amount) 6 min = 25 satoshi 7 min = 29 satoshi 8 min = 31 satoshi 9 min = 35 satoshi 10 min = 39 satoshi 11 min = 42 satoshi 15 min = 115 satoshi From my calculations, the best time to cash out would be at the 7th minute = 29 satoshi. If you

Install Kodi 17 on Amazon's FireTV

Here’s a guide on installing the latest version of Kodi 17 on Amazon’s FireTV. This guide comes with a video on how I updated my FireTV to the latest version of Kodi. You’ll need to download the Kodi APK and a copy of adbLink. adbLink is the software that connects to the FireTV and installs as well as removed app from the device; Handy and easy to use! When you’ll watch the video, you’ll see how to setup adbLink, you’ll need to create a new Connection then click on Connect to connect to the device. You’ll also see how to uninstall the older version of Kodi then install the latest version. Products from