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iPhone 3Gs FM Radio

The iPhone can receive FM radio signals, but it has yet to support FM radio functionality. The iPod Nano can play radio through its integrated FM receiver, heck, it even allows you to pause live radio with the Live Pause feature. What about the iPhone? According to one of 9to5mac ’s tipsters, iPhone radio is coming soon! Apple ( NSDQ: AAPL ) is supposedly working on an in-house iPhone radio app that will enable the iPhone 3GS to play live radio broadcasts (with Live Pause!) through its currently-crippled FM receiver. Apple’s iPhone radio application is said to run in the background and might even be integrated into the iPhone 3GS’s iPod app. As it stands, the iPhone 3GS FM radio can be used with Nike+ hardware, but stops short of actually playing radio. But I always thought Nike+ uses blue tooth technology to communicate. The source says that Apple is waiting to integrate the iPhone radio app with iTunes to allow users to find a radio song in the iTunes store and purchase that song on