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Elgato Game Capture HD Review

GAMING ACTION AS ENTERTAINMENT Like watching gaming videos on YouTube like ‘Lets play” and have considered creating and uploading your own ‘Let’s Play’ videos? I found the perfect hardware for you! After purchasing the  ELGATO GAME CAPTURE HD I must admit, it is a great piece of hardware. PLUG, PLAY AND CAPTURE The hardware is easy to install and use. Connect your gaming console to the capture device, then connect via USB to your computer and finally, a connection to your tv. Simple to setup. The biggest surprise of all, NO EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. The capture device must be receiving just enough power through USB as I have no other idea where the capture would get power from. SIMPLE SOFTWARE Easy to use software. The software is very easy to ease and works. Even though software is not included in the box, it must be downloaded from ELGATO’s website..possibly to insure that the latest version is installed. The software is clearly labeled and not only captures your gaming sessions, but p

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walk Through In HD

Even though Grand Theft Auto 4 was released in 2008, it’s a game that is still enjoyed to this day. Even I have made a return to the game…it’s just a great game. I decided to do a search for some walk through to help get me through some tough missions in the game, one being the drag race with Brucie. My search ended up to an entire Grand Theft Auto 4 Walk Through in HD! The entire collection is made up of 88 video clips all packaged together in an organized playlist. I last played Grand Theft Auto 4 (full time) in 2008 and watching the video clips, I found out I made it pretty far in the game. More than half the missions in the walk through, I clearly remember completing..accept the drag race with Brucie; I could never complete that mission..pissed me off LARGE! Choosing Between Playboy X and Dwayne I’d personally choose Playboy X to kill.. you can get money faster in other ways anyways.. you’re just making a quick buck off by killing Dwayne. I think that Dwayne’s backup is friggen awe