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U2 Set Sale For a New Horizon

Exclusive: New Studio Album & Tracklist Revealed Stephen Maguire and Seamus Ross, Sunday Mirror It’s the beautiful day millions of U2 fans around the globe have waited patiently to see for the past four years. Now we can reveal details of the supergroup’s long-awaited new album. It is believed to be titled No Line On The Horizon and will be on sale in music stores on November 14. The band’s record company Universal has already registered the internet domain name — prompting speculation this will be the new record. And among the songs to be released on what many music insiders are calling the band’s best work to date are “Moment of Surrender,” “For Your Love,” “Love Is All We Have Left” and “One Bird.” Others include “If I Could Live My Life Again,” “The Cedars of Lebanon” and “No Line On The Horizon.” Earlier this week a 19-strong film crew headed to the Spanish city of Cadiz to shoot a video for the band’s first single from the new album although the band we

Download Torrents to ANY Web Client with Torrent Relay

NOV. 20th 2010: FUCK THESE GUYS, THEY ARE NO LONGER FREE AROUND! It’s strange how this topic hasn’t been posted yet. I guess I fell asleep at the wheel with this one. Anyway, let’s get on with it. It’s now possible to download torrent without the use of a bit torrent client. What does that mean? It means you can download torrents from a web browser, your psp, playstation 3 or iphone. Have got your attention yet? As a Playstation 3 owner, I find this news as a great leap forward. I don’t think Sony has plans to release a bit torrent client anytime soon so this is a great website to bookmark. Torrent Relay is real simple to use and it lets you download content directly to whatever network device you have. In a nutshell, you use the torrent id number from and you enter it on the Torrent Relay website. The website handles the rest. It’s that simple! Now since it’s WAY past my bedtime, I’ll try and continue this at another time, but all you need to know is Torrent Reply uses mi

"Et Tu Sal?" Playstation 2 neglected?

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, I love my Playstation 2 just as much as the first day I bought it. And I have to proof to back up my love for my ol’ PS2. Several months ago, I was fiddling around with my Slim PS2 to see if I could play backed up dvds. I was using these little plastic tabs and placing them at different points under the lid of the PS2. Well, let me say that it was a complete waste of time and a STUPID idea. In the end, I did something bad to my system and since then, when I turned my system on, I hear this loud buzzing sound when it boots up and accesses the disc. A couple of nights ago I had taken it out again and hooked it up to my television set in the bedroom… was still making the buzzing sound but this time, the disc was not able to be read. Sony commits 10 years to it’s products which give the PS2 life until 2010. So now I’m really kick myself for messing around with the system, now it doesn’t work at all! So to prove my love for my system, I called

U2 Fruitleg: Apricot Remixes

Here’s another update to my U2 Remixes For Propaganda Fruitleg Collection. As you can tell by the title, it’s APRICOT. Album art is included in the archive. UPDATE: Nov 17th 2010, album has been updated again, link fixed, please enjoy…and there’s no password. Please return for more fruitlegs and my featured podcast; U2 LiveCast found here on my website and on iTunes! Thanks. APRICOT Acrobat (Demo 1990) Christmas Baby Please Come Home (original) Bass Trap (original) Please (Factory) Peace On Earth / Walk On (A Tribute To Heroes) One (special live orchestral) New Year’s Dub (Skynet mix) New Year’s Dub (Hybrid Mix) New Year’s Day (A Bit Of U2 Kiss AMC Razormaid Remix) New Year’s Day (Skynet Mix Vinyl) My Time Hasn’t Come (Joshua Tree Outtake) Mofo (DJ POOP Remix) In Gods Country (Rock 2000 Positronic Mix/ Devil In The Remix) Did You Wanna (Original) The First Time (Innovative Remix) DOWNLOAD APRICOT

Sony Announces '80 GB Core Pack'

During E3 2008 on July 15th, Sony made an announcement about their PlayStation 3. Looks like we’re going to say ‘Bye-bye’ to the 40GB PS3 model. Now I don’t think the whole model is going to get scraped. The 40 GB model of the PS3 gets a little upgrade to the ’80 GB Core Pack’. Sony may just upgrade the hard drives from 40 GB to 80 GB. It’s also being called the Core Pack and has “the same functionality” as the 40GB model, with double the storage for the same price of $399. I think that means no backwards compatibility. This should make future / wannabe PS3 fans very happy.

Guitar Hero III for PS3 on sale this week at FutureShop (Canadian)

Hey readers, this is a little late but I just remembered the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PS3 is on sale this at FutureShop for $69.99. Now I’m reporting the sale for the PlayStation version of the game but I know I’ve seen the XBox 360 version for the same price as well. The sale is on until Thursday July 17th, 2008. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on sale this week at FutureShop. I think the reason for the discounted offer is because the Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero has been released and maybe of the upcoming forth installment of Guitar Hero coming in the fall. So any friends of mine out there that have a PlayStation 3 and DON’T have Guitar Hero III, here’s your chance to pick up your copy at the discounted price and play with me in Co-op mode. Now if there’s any readers out there that want to play with me in Co-op mode, just add my PSN username salc_ 75 to your Friends List. Another cool feature of the game is that you can link your console account to

Slash Is One Tough Cookie At Medium Level in Guitar Hero III

Boy, am i ever tired. Today I completed Guitar Hero III on the easy level. I’m a little proud of myself but I don’t feel I truely completed the game. I think to completed the game one has to at least be at the HARD level, right? Slash in Guitar Hero III battling it out. But so far, this MEDIUM level is pretty challenging. I’m starting to miss alot more notes than on EASY AND I’m loosing the crowd which is making me end the gig before the song is completed (no good at all). Either way, it’s still good clean fun. I have beat Tom Morello on the medium level however now I’m battling Slash and he’s one tough mother to keep up with. Alot more missed notes than ever before people! Looks like I’m gonna have run through the tutorials and get some practice on technique. LOL!

Send Your Name to the Moon in a NASA Spacecraft

Lunar Reconnaissance is an unmanned spacecraft that will launch for the moon in late 2008. The objective is to find safe landing sites on the moon and other planets like Mars. NASA’s unmanned spacecraft that will launch for the moon in late 2008. Now NASA is collecting names of people who support this mission and this list will then be placed onboard the spacecraft when it is headed for the moon. If you want to send your own name to the moon, just go to this Johns Hopkins site and submit. The deadline is July 25. You may also print a “certificate of participation” in PDF.

"'s the best record they (U2) have ever done.."

Sunday Mirror, July 06, 2008 U2’s legendary producer, Steve Lillywhite, claims the band’s eagerly-awaited new album will be their BEST ever. He has worked with the band since their first album, Boy, was released in 1981, and now he is back in the studio with them as they put the finishing touches to their latest album prior to its October release. Veteran DJ Tony Fenton said he met Steve and was struck by how the told how the famous producer was ranting about the new album. Tony said: “I met Steve recently and we got talking about the band’s new album. He is so excited about the record and claims it’s the best record they have ever done. “I know people think he might say that — but that’s not the kind of thing somebody like Steve Lillywhite says easily. Like the rest of people who love music I’m so looking forward to it.” U2 even missed the recent Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert in London because they were so caught up in putting the final touches to the album at their Hanover Quay Stu