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Convert DVDs to .avi/.mp4/.mpeg

Here’s an email I received about ripping dvds from your collection into digital format for your ipod. I recently purchased an Iphone.  I would like some software to convert dvds to digital copys.  i see a lot of free software online.  im just not comfortable downloading free software.  is there any thing that u recommend that is free and easy to use.  also i dont mind buying something if it is easy to use.  what do u recommend   thanks for the help, carlos Thank you very much for your email Carlos. The best software I found for ripping dvds is DVDFab. I tried it once to rip a movie to take along with me in my ipod. Very easy to use but it’s not free. I can tell you it’s available on the torrent networks, but I think that’s all L’m allowed to post. Let me know if this solution works out for you. Thanks again.