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Reshuffle Your iPod Playlist

THE SHUFFLE ISSUE IN IPODS So I really don’t think I’m the only one experiencing the ‘shuffle’ issue. When listening to a playlist from my iPhone (or any iOS device), shuffle songs from a playlist play back in the same order. To a point where you can predict the next track on a 80 song playlist. You playlist is no longer a shuffled playlist but just a playlist. I have seen this issue reoccur on my iPod Video 5G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Yeah, I’ve gone through quite a few iOS devices. RESHUFFLE YOUR IPOD PLAYLIST From what I have found out, when you select to shuffle a playlist, the actual shuffling of songs is calculated ONCE and from every replay of the playlist, the songs will play in the sequenced order over and over. In order to reshuffle your songs, you’d have to UNSHUFFLE and then select to SHUFFLE your songs. This action apparently recreates the random traversal path through your playlist (or entire library). It re-seeds the random number generator. Shuffle is curren

D-Link AmpliFi WiFi Booster DAP-1525 Review

MY KINGDOM FOR STRONG WIFI STRENGTH WiFi coverage in my home is not the greatest. I keep my router in the basement where all my telecommunications lines enter the house. WiFi signal strength in the basement and main floor is okay, but coverage in the master bedroom (opposite end, top floor) is weak at best. My quest for wifi signal strength improvement continues with my purchase of D-Link’s AmpliFi WiFi Booster DAP-1525. The AmpliFi WiFi Booster was brought to my attention from Dell’s Deal of the Day promotion. The AmpliFi Booster was almost discounted by 50% so I decided to give it a try. THE UNBOXING httpv:// MY REVIEW D-Link’s AmpliFi WiFi Booster works in one of two ways (not both), Access Point mode and Media Extender mode. In Access Point mode, the AmpliFi Booster will require a direct link (not wireless) to your existing router and allowing wireless devices connect to the Booster. In Access Point mode, none of the ports on the back of the Boost

OUYA Unfairly Targeted at E3 2013

OUYA IS HERE, LOOK AT ME OUYA , the open source Android console has been unfairly targeted at this year’s E3 2013. After reading the article posted by IGN, it appears that attempts were made to BLOCK OUYA ‘s display from E3 attendees. Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the company which owns and operates the E3 Expo went as far as calling the police to shut down OUYA ‘s public presence. EARNING STREET CRED The incident escalated when Ouya organizers had their console on display across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Centre. ESA then rented out spaces on front of the Ouya displays and parked semi-trucks in which Ouya was blocked from view. Clearly, we see the start of Ouya unfairly targeted. ESCALATION Ouya then responded by renting out the spots in front of the semi-trucks and setup their banners and displays. Finally, ESA took action again and called the LAPD. The police showed up and asked to see Ouya ‘s permits. MY THOUGHTS My opinion on this matter; ESA is ac

My Opinion On XBox Live

This article was originally posted at: For those who are just getting into XBox 360 and or are wondering what to expect from the XBox Live, I’ve decided to post a short writing on my opinion on the XBox Live Gold membership.   REFINED AND STABLE XBox Live provides a lot of features, but I feel that Microsoft is confused with what they’ve locked behind the Gold membership and what’s available for free as a Silver member. While the whole Live experience which is a refined stable environment for online gaming, which has matured over the existence of XBox Live there are apps that are open to Gold members which I believe do not belong to be a part of the paid Gold membership subscription.   FREE SERVICES NOT THAT FREE Services such as Netflix are only accessible if you’re a paying member of XBox Live which is ridiculous. What you’re doing to access you paid Netflix service is to pay again to use it on an Xbox

Ivy Bridge Hackintosh Pro Build 2013

For those searching for the highest performing hackintosh pro build, look no further that here. Below you’ll find a break down of components required to build your own high end Mac Pro. Please keep in mind that this is only a parts list not installation guide. Apple’s High-End Mac Pro; Price: $7,699 Here’s what you get for your $7,699: Two 3.06 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon (for 12 total cores) 16GB of RAM (8x2GB) 2TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive 512GB Solid State Drive 18x SuperDrive ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB GDDR5 Mouse and Keyboard Our High-End Hack Pro Here’s a high-end Hack Pro you can build for approx. $2,012, or slightly more than a quarter of the cost of the comparable Mac Pro: Cooler Master RC-692-KKN2 Case  ($83) Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard  ($181) Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 GHz CPU  ($320) MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (448 Cores) PCI-E 16X Graphics Card  ($300) 16GB Corsair DDR3 1600 MHz RAM , 4x4GB ($146) 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPM Hard Drive  ($158) OCZ Vertex 4 512GB

The $100 STARTUP Book Review

THANKS FOR THE VISIT First off, thanks for clicking the link that led you my post, “The $100 Startup Book Review”. You’re probably like me searching for a ‘Plan B’ or trying to become your own boss living your own dream. Well, that’s one of the reasons I picked up The $100 Startup ; that and the fact that the title was too hard to resist. EASY TO READ, HARD TO PUT DOWN The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau was a very good read. The book is well written, easy to understand and if you’re like me, won’t put it down until you’ve reach the end. I enjoyed reading The $100 Startup because it got me thinking and motivated to actually think about which one of my passions I could profit from. STEP BY STEP The $100 Startup was written in logical order; think about your passion, find out who would pay for your service of product, compile your work, setup your website and then bring it to market. Okay, that’s the cond