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Free XBox 360 Games From LIVE Marketplace

When I first got my XBox 360, I wondered if there were and free titles to download from XBox’s Live Marketplace. And at first I found one which was Hexic HD. I’ve continued to search and found a few more FREE games to download off Xbox’s Live Marketplace. Dash of Destruction Totemball (Requires webcam) Aegis Wing Hexic HD As I find more, I’ll update this post. If YOU find and free downloads please leave titles in the comment section of this post!

XBox 360 Can Write It’s Own Blog

As promised, here is the first of what I hope to be many post involving the XBox 360. Ah, the internet – founded upon crazy men making crazy things for free. Such as a blog supposedly written by your 360, based on what you’ve been using it for. It monitors your Live account and automatically generates entries about what it’s been up to that day (or what it hasn’t been up to – expect many posts about neglect if you don’t turn it on for a while). The tone is very much American geek, but it’s a fun record of your own gaming habits, and of keeping an eye on what your chums are up to. Get set up at .

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Tutorial

File Description If the Xbox 360 has its notorious RROD, the PS3 has its own YLOD, or the Yellow Light of Death. But unlike the Xbox 360’s hardware issue, the YLOD affects only a very small percentage of PS3 units. Still, that must suck for those included in that "very small percentage". Well good news, folks! There’s now a solution for that problem, thanks to he who goes by the name Gilksy1. If you check out the attached PDF file, you’ll see that the procedure is actually very similar to how you would handle an RROD (that is, if you do own an Xbox 360 as well). It’s very user-friendly, with step by step pictures and stuff. Still, as the whole process requires opening up your PS3, be reminded that you forfeit your warranty, okay? But really, rather than do it yourself, just send it back in for repair if you’re still covered by your warranty. We don’t see any PS3 price cuts coming at any time soon, so might as well don’t commit PS3 harakiri. Download the .PDF here .