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How To Burn .ISO Image File To Disc

HARDWARE ERROR? SOFTWARE ERROR USER ERROR? As simple as it may sound, people can still mess up burning an .ISO image to CD or DVD. I’d have this in past where I would but an .ISO to disc and when I went to go use the disc of it was just didn’t work. I though it was my burner…maybe me? Then I searched for different software, and I’m glad I did because I came across IMG BURN. IMG BURN WORKS GREAT, AND IT’S FREE! The results of my searching brought me to IMG BURN. Using IMG BURN was very simple. I have yet to burn a coaster using IMG BURN. And another plus of using IMG BURN, no need to crack software, it’s open source which means it’s free! And the free software is dependable, i’ve been using it for 5 years and also use it to burn my music CDs. A VIDEO ON IMG BURN Here’s a short video, BY REQUEST, on burning an .ISO image file to DVD/CD disc. Hopefully more than one person will find it useful. httpv://

Top 12 Free Photoshop 5 (CS5) Resources

Adobe’s Photoshop CS5 Count’em, 12 FREE Photoshop 5 (CS5) links to enlighten your Photoshop experience. Most of these links will lead you to the top Photoshop professionals in the industry. Having these resourses available to us for free is a true gift. Please take advantage now and follow the list of links below! This is a great list you should keep bookmarked and or tracked in a RSS Reader. All the links found below won’t cost you a single cent, all free. So get LEARNING! Web based Photoshop 5 ( CS5 ) resources: From Adobe you will find getting started with Photoshop 5 and what’s new info . Also from Adobe you will find ( about ) 25 “ learning Photoshop CS5 ” videos here . You’ll find the Adobe Photoshop Learning Center from NAPP ( aka The Photoshop Guys ) here . There is a TON of tutorials at . If you are looking for Photoshop and Bridge tutorials check out . You can watch 10 Photoshop 5 content aware fill video tutorials here . Photoshop related

Attach/Mount Nike+ iPod Sensor To Any Running Shoe

How To Attach/Mount Nike+ iPod Sensor To Any Running Shoe. I have to admit, my  way to mount a Nike+ iPod sensor to your shoe method is a ghetto. I think at the time a recorded this video I was trying to look for a free and easy way to mount the device. Mind you, my little archaic contraption worked and secured the sensor to my shoe, but there are now plenty of options that do the job AND look ascetically pleasing. The  Silicone Skin Pouch For Nike+ iPod and Nike Plus Nike+ SportBand – Compatible with all Shoes  look like a great item if you use a Nike+ Sensor. Personally, I no longer user the Nike+ sensor because I use the Nike+ Running app. The iPhone Running app uses the iPhone to detect and count your steps and can also utilize it’s GSP functionality to map your run. I’ll provide a review on the Nike+ Running app later. But in the meantime, if you want to have a laugh, please view the video below. httpsv://

iOmega Prestige Portable Hard Drive Review

Looking for a portable hard drive? I recently purchased iOmega’s Prestige Portable Hard Drive and I’m loving it! Looks slick and is quick. The Prestige Portable Hard Drive works great with PortableApps, a lot faster than my flash based USB memory stick. Please watch my review!

Trailer Park Boys: J-Roc’s Hits Video

For J-Roc fans of the hilarious Canadian television program The Trailer Park Boys , here’s a ‘Best Of’ devoted to J-Roc for J-Roc fans. Enjoy!

Rogers' Cable Subscriber

There’s a BIG movement nowadays from watching television (tv) from cable/satellite to watching tv from an antenna. People are slowly realizing they’re paying for channels they can get for FREE and paying channels THAT THEY DON’T EVEN WATCH!! And do you know what else? The over the air (ota) signal is in HD 5.1 Surround Sound (where available)! People! Wake up! Join the movement! I have left Roger’s and all my tv programming comes from ota! Check out the photos below from a reader who CANCELED his Roger’s cable subscription and has gone OTA! And for those that like statistics, in the U.S., 1 in 8 people are leaving their cable/satellite provider and going OTA. OTA 4 LIFE!!!!  

iPhone 3Gs Professional Fashion Shoot

Here’s a very interesting video for those that think they need the best and most expensive camera on the market to take quality photos. Lee Morris of shoots a full fashion photography session with the iPhone 3Gs. So yah, you may not need an expensive camera but it helps to have LOTS of lighting and a beautiful model like Olivia Price <3.