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PlayStation 3 (PS3) Sound Bar

PS3 Playstation Sound Bar is the first single speaker audio solution designed specifically for the PlayStation®3 system. Proprietary technology creates the equivalent of a home theater system bringing to life sounds not normally audible with conventional acoustic systems. Four sound fields and two sound modes enhance the overall gaming experience. · All-in-one surround sound speaker system optimized for the PlayStation®3 system · Proprietary S-Force technology creates the equivalent of five-speaker surround sound · Four sound fields and two sound modes designed specifically for gaming · 2.1 channels, integrated sub-woofer · Matches the design of the PlayStation®3 system Feel free to click and order your PlayStation 3 (PS3) Sound Bar !

NetFlix Canada Review

NetFlix has arrived in Canada! After announcing of their plans to enter Canadian households, NetFlix is now live. So I’ve decided to publish my Netflix Canada review. Canadians will now be able to enjoy movies and tv shows streamed right to their PCs, PlayStation 3s (PS3) and Nintendo Wiis. XBox 360 owners will have a wait a tiny bit longer, but the service will be available the 360 as well  can access Netflix too, but you require a XBox Live Gold membership to access the service. Don’t get me started on XBox Live requirement to access Netflix, I’ve blogged about it here . Now there is also a NetFlix app found in Apple’s App Store and that it a free download so you can enjoy the service on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. NetFlix is offering Canadians a free one month trial to their their service and charging $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming once your trial is over. Now as of this post (September 29th 2010), the service in Canada is $1 cheaper than in the US! I think we’re doing pretty go

PlayStation 3 (PS3) Move Review

I’ve titled this video ‘review’, but it’s really is my EXPERIENCE with the PlayStation Move motion controller. Details are in the video. Please enjoy and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel ! 😉 And thanks! BUY YOUR PLAYSTATION MOVE HERE! httpv://

PlayStation (PS) Move Unboxing

Readers! Let me introduce to you, my PlayStation Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3 (PS3)! It has arrived TODAY and on release day no less!! Wow, I am impressed! Let me also add that I pre-ordered it at a $10 discount! BONUS!! So in the video you’ll find me unboxing the PS Move game combo. The game combo include Move motion controller, PS EyeToy and Sports Champions game . Since the device has just arrived, it’s charging up. No word on game play until it’s charged up and taken for a test run.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘11

I received Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 as one of my birthday gifts a few days ago. I’ll be adding my review of the game to this post but first, let me post some screen shots from the face rendering part of the game. For PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners, Tiger Woods PGA 11 is going to be PlayStation MOVE compatible!

Girl Throwing Puppies In River Video

Is video makes me sick to my stomach. You may have heard of the ‘girl throwing puppies in river video’. Well, it was upload on LiveLeak and is still available to watch.Please feel free to leave a comment below. Apparently the Bosian police are now investigating this incident. Whilst we appreciate publicizing this video could lead to information that could be passed to authorities we would like to ask members that no personal information is posted here nor should any threats be aimed, or “action” taken, against this person other than to pass information to any relevant authority. **** We can determine from the picture so few things. One, based on assumption, she probably has a facebook account, no matter what country they’re in. Two, she is 5ft 6in-5ft 8in, blond, eye color unknown, Caucasian She has something written upside-down on her red sweater, barely legible, might be of assistance if it’s the product of a local store. Let’s work together on exposing this sicko! Use the comments.

Stream Movies To Nintento Wii

Quick blog post on streaming media (music, movies and photos) to your Nintendo Wii. Wii Media Center X was a free multimedia server developed by Red Kawa. It was intended to allow you to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your computer (where the server running) to your Nintendo Wii. The early alpha version runs on most major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is no longer being developed and there are no plans to restart development. Features Videos – Wii Media Center X lets you stream and watch videos in the Flash video format (FLV) on your Wii. You can download flash videos from many places on the internet or create your own using Wii Video 9 . Music – Wii Media Center X lets you playback MP3s on your Wii without the need of an SD card. Pictures – Red Kawa Media Center lets you view pictures on your Wii without the need of an SD card. Files – Wii Media Center X lets you browse your files located on your server. Download

Sony PlayStation Move

Sony’s PlayStation motion controller the MOVE is coming soon..very soon! September 19th soon! You pre-order the Move in 3 available bundles. So which bundle should you buy? For those with a cam, you may just want to purchase the Move controller . However, it comes with no games. For those with no camera, this is the BEST option. The PlayStaion Move Controller bundle. Thinking about it, even if you have a camera and want a game to play, this maybe an option. And finally, for those with no camera OR console, THIS IS your only option. The PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle .