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Install XBMC On OUYA

One of the cool things about owning an OUYA Android gaming console, is that you can side load apps AND the fact that the creators of OUYA encourage hacking the box. I think that’s one of the reasons I decided to support and donate to the OUYA Kickstarter a year ago. Well, a year has pasted and I received my OUYA console near the end of May. So what we’ll do now is install XBMC on OUYA. XBMC will not be found on OUYA’s game ‘store’, it’ll have to installed by downloading it from a website first. I have run through the download and install instructions on my video below, which can be found on my YouTube Channel along with over 200 other videos I have created and posted. httpv:// DIRECTIONS TO INSTALL XBMC ON OUYA Navigate to MAKE –> SOFTWARE –> BROWSER Navigate to the website ‘ ‘. Downloading will begin automatically. The file is about 50Mb. Once downloading has completed, navigate to SYSTEM –> ADVANCED –> STORAGE –> D

Connect A PC To A HDTV

WHEN 27″ ISN’T ENOUGH Lately, my YouTube video ‘Connect your pc to a HDTV’ has been getting a lot of attention. Over that past several months, it’s been one of my most viewed videos. So I decided to post an article on the subject of how to connect your pc to a hdtv. I guess 27″ computer monitors aren’t big enough for some folks, LOL! Hopefully you find my post to connect a pc to a HDTV helpful! MY PC AND TELEVISION GEAR This article is being written base in my experience with my own computer and hdtv. My computer has a custom rig, nothing special. At the time I recorded the video, I had an Asus EN8400GS SILENT/DI/512MD2(LP) nVidia 8400GS Chipset 512MB video card which supports DVI and HDMI out running on Windows 7. My television was (which I still currently own) a Samsung 42″ Plasma 430 Series (2010). CABLE CONNECTING When I connected my video card to the HDMI connector on my hdtv, the cable I used was a DVI to HDMI cable. On the back of my Samsung, one of my HDMI ports was labeled wit