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Essential Minecraft Handbooks

While walking through my local Costco, I stumbled on some really neat Minecraft guides. The guides are actual official books by Mojang; the developers of Minecraft. I like to call these guides, ‘essential Minecraft handbooks’ because the content in these books are great! The books are hard cover, full colour with lots of illustrations. Mojang have done an excellent job at putting together this little handbook and they aren’t terribly expensive either. At first I though there were only 2 handbooks, but after a quick search on Amazon, I found there are 2 MORE books that make up this exciting collections. Personally, I really like the books and I’m going to go after the other additional books as well. I also looked at the reviews and its appears everyone is really satisfied with the I’m not the only one who’s happy with these handbooks! | | | |  | | If you’re interested in getting some helpful tips, and have a few dollars to spare, don’t hesitate in picking one or ALL of t

Upgrade XBMC v.13 On Apple TV 2

Hi folks. This tutorial is for the those with an Apple TV 2 that is already jail broken. For some of us, we’ve had our Apple TV 2’s jail broken for quite a while now and XBMC maybe be outdated. There’s nothing wrong with an outdated version of XBMC. When I first jail broke my Apple TV 2, XBMC version 11 was released. And since jail breaking, XBMC has been stuck at version 11. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having an older copy of XBMC; as they say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. And besides, there maybe some plugins that are not yet compatible with the latest and greatest version of XBMC. But for those who what to use the latest version of XBMC on their Apple TV 2, there’s the easiest way to upgrade. Upgrade XBMC On Apple TV 2 NOW Download yourself a copy of “into Installer” which is available for free and install ( Mac / Windows ). Be sure that your Apple TV 2 (which is already jailbroken) is on the network and your computer is on the same network Execute the Installer app, cli

Apple TV: Device Isn't Eligible For The Requested Built

  Someone had given me their Apple TV2 to investigate why Netflix stopped working. The Apple TV2 was in firmware version 4.4.4, and it appears that Netflix has stopped working on anything older that version 5. And so the only was to resolve the issue was to load firmware version 5.3 and to get Netflix working again at the same time, jail breaking the Apple TV2 as it was before. So the first thing to do in this situation was to download the latest version if SeasOnPass and run. However, instead of clicking on “Create IPSW”, we need to load an existing IPSW file FIRST. And to load an existing IPSW (version 5.3) was to right click over the “Create IPSW” button. The image below is what you’ll get: After selecting version 5.3, there was a problem. I was not able to load the IPSW file and I received the message “This device isn’t eligible for the requested builded”. I though I was screwed, until I found the solution. Go to Look up the Device, Model and Firmware

Kodi (XBMC): Dependencies Not Met

For those that are unable to resolve the “Dependencies Not Met” error in XBMC, this post will hopefully be your last stop. I decided to write this article because the I would normally deal with an XBMC unit that was displaying errors, was to wipe XBMC clean to default settings using the Fusion Repo . I was given an Apple TV 2 to update, but when I tried to install XBMC Hub’s Fresh Start plugin, I kept getting the “Dependencies Not Met” error. Even when I tried to install the new favourite plugin “Mashup”, I received “Dependencies Not Met” error. Then I tried to remove all Repos from the file manager, added them again and tried to install the plugins…but alas, “Dependencies Not Met” kept greeting me. After some careful though, it seems that the “Dependencies” are part of XBMC and not installed through any plugin. So was pretty sure that something was broken with XBMC…more accurately, the Dependencies were broken..or missing. And then I decided to uninstall XBMC, and try reinstalling it.