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Becoming A Pro Gamer Today

Is becoming a professional video gamer difficult or easy? It is neither difficult nor easy, but possible. You need to understand the process in which you develop to a real professional in the video gaming industry. It doesn’t matter if you are aiming to become top in a sport or game, because the essential requirement always stay the same. There is a strategy and big learning curve before any person can become a pro. Let us have a look at two main aspects that play a part in developing targeted and required skills. Technical skills: Have you ever seen a professional video gamer who couldn’t master the technical part of a particular game? If you really want to become super successful in the video gaming industry which is one of the best paid in the entire world, you need to have training in front of your console, arcade or PC. As you can see, there are many different areas in which you can be successful in video gaming. You normally start off playing against the computer at the easiest m

Buying The Best Gaming HDTV

Are you into gaming? Who would not be fascinated with PSP, PS3, Xbox360 and other games today? Indeed, more and more people are hooked in PC games whether it is a flight simulator or a strategic game. It is because it gives pleasure and enjoyment to gamers. State of the art games like these provide entertainment to families who play games together. Games also develop one’s reflexes and enhance creative thinking. Games are also known to improve language, math skills, problem solving and cognitive skills. Game playing truly has its share of advantages. On the other hand, there are times when instead of being entertained, people fired up and get frustrated and annoyed if controls are not working, television or monitors are too small and the gadgets are slowing the phase of the game. Do not let these dilemmas happen to you. If you want to experience pleasure, real excitement and enjoyment buy the necessary gadgets and gaming devices. Consider having an HDTV to bring your game into a whole

Goozex: Play, Trade & Game More!

{EAV_BLOG_VER:af3dff90c0b386b4} Goozex (short for “ Goods Exchange “) is a trading community for video games and movies. It provides the most advanced, feature-rich, and customer-acclaimed platform to trade products for other products. It was rated best in class by many industry experts, including Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games Radar, and Cheapassgamer. Goozex is one of the most recognized outlets for gamers to acquire video games. Through Goozex users get access to thousands of games across the nation while retaining the full market value of their gaming library. In addition, your trades are covered by the Goozex Guarantee. One of Goozex ‘s core values is building the website and service around the demands of our customers, and we actively listen to our members for suggestions and improvements. Goozex brings the simplicity and excitement of trading to movies too! You can find the best deals for movies on DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD and UMD, all with the usual convenience of trading on

Mac OS X Lion Theme For Windows 7

Lots of like to visualt turn their Windows PC into looking like a Mac. Some of these are paid themes and others are free, but don’t work very well. Well, HamedDanger has created the Lion Skin Pack 3.0 for Windows 7. Lion Skin Pack 3.0 is free and it turns your boring Windows 7 looks into the yet to be launched Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Unlike other skin transformation pack, this installation does not require any third party software, all you have to do is unzip and install. Everything is automatic, to download, visit the official website –  Mac OS X Lion Windows 7 Transformation Pack

DVD Flick: Powerful DVD Authoring Tool

Do you have videos sitting on your hard drive that you’d like to put on a playable DVD? Here is a free solution in DVD Flick. DVD Flick can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. It also allows you to add custom subtitles and navigation menus.   [amazon_carousel widget_type=”SearchAndAdd” width=”400″ height=”200″ title=”” market_place=”” shuffle_products=”True” show_border=”False” keywords=”dvd media” browse_node=”” search_index=”All” /]   FEATURES: Burn near any video file to DVD Support for over 45 file formats Support for over 60 video codecs Support for over 40 audio codecs Easily add a menu Add your own subtitles Easy to use interface Burn your project to disc after encoding Completely free without any adware, spyware or limitations Visit:

TekSavvy Cable Internet Speed Test

I just signed up with TekSavvy’s cable internet service. I’ve been waiting 2 years to get back on cable but Roger’s has not allowed 3rd party resellers into my area due to “not having enough bandwidth for the other providers”. The funny thing is, I’m with Acanac and they now resell cable internet but they tell me it’s not available in my area. So I check out TekSavvy and entered my postal code information and they tell me cable internet is avaiable in my area…and I quickly signed up. I signed up for TekSavvy’s Express Cable internet package which is 10Mb speeds with a 300 Gb download cap. Here is a video on the speed test of my new service. httpv://

Joli OS (Operating System)

Looks like Google Chrome OS has been beaten to the punch. Introducing Joli OS, a light weight web centric operating system for your netbook and antique computers. If you’re thinking Joli OS is just like Google Chrome OS? You are correct, however, there are 2 main differences between the two operating systems: 1. Google Chrome OS does not dual boot with Windows 2. As of this posting, Google Chrome OS is not yet released So Joli OS has access to hundreds of apps that you can install such as Audacity, Powerpoint Viewer, GIMP, just to name a few. If you watch my video, you’ll see how you can create a LIVE version of Joli OS to try before you commit to installing on your computer system. Joli OS is light weight for Netbooks and a great way to resurrect old computers no being used collecting dust in your closet or basement. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Joli OS + Windows Dual Boot ISO: Joli OS ISO: Joli OS

iPhone Battery Usage: 3G Network vs WiFi

TO BE ON CELLULAR DATA OR WiFi? Have you ever asked yourself “What uses less battery? Leaving my iPhone on 3G network vs WiFi?” Well the answer can be found right on Apple’s iPhone support website   APPLE CHIMES IN ON THE AGE OLD QUESTION Apple says that if you don’t surf the web on your phone that often, you should leave your iPhone on 3G. However, if you’re a heavy surfer, then it’s best to leave you’re iPhone switched to WiFi mode.   “ Turn off Wi-Fi: If you rarely use Wi-Fi, you can turn it off to save power. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and set Wi-Fi to Off. Note that if you frequently use your iPhone to browse the web, battery life may be improved by using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data networks. ”   Here are a few more tips Apple lists to get your battery lasting longer throughout the day: Minimize use of location services: Applications that actively use location services such as Maps may reduce battery life. To disable location services, go to Settings > General > Location