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The Tech Loft Podcast Ep. 10 - PlayStation Classic FLOPS plus MORE

Here are the headlines in this weeks episode of the Tech Loft Podcast. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft news including some Alexa news. Microsoft’s next-gen, high-end Xbox console is reportedly codenamed ‘Anaconda’ The Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass and other twerking toys go on sale

PlayStation Classic Hacking Videos

Development of hacking Sony’s PlayStation Classic is underway and while I have MY PlayStation Classic still unopened, I’m waiting to see how quickly the hacking community can bust open the PlayStation Classic. If there’s light at the end of the tunnel, then I may just hang on to my Classic mini console. Since Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation Classic, reviewers and gamers including myself have not been kind of this mini classic console. Sony has made it abundantly clear this the PlayStation Classic was just a cash grab. Here is my list of disappointments with the PlayStation Classic: No AC adaptor Open source emulator – Sony should of developed an emulator from ground up to ensure 100% compatibility with all images PlayStation menu lacked and pizazz or creativity Display options like scan lines, CRT filter and pixel perfect missing 9 out of 20 games are PAL region games (this is what killed my enthusiasm) And so as of this article, we are six days since the launch of the PlayStati

The Tech Loft Podcast Ep.9 - PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo, Google and More!

Welcome to episode 9 of the Tech Loft Podcast. In this episode I list off my issues with Sony’s PlayStation Classic, PS Plus FREE games for December, XBox Gold Free games, Nintendo Creator news and MORE! News Source: Thanks for listening!