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Did you know that Brave browser blocks all video ads on YouTube?

Recently, YouTube tested an increase of pre-roll ads, forcing people to watch up to 10 unskippable ads before they could see their video. More ads before your videos on YouTube means fewer viewers and less engagement, and increasing discontent with YouTube as a platform. But, your audience and friends can stop seeing YouTube ads today—for free—just by watching YouTube in the Brave browser, on desktop & mobile. And if you ask your viewers to opt-in to Brave Rewards, they’ll be able to support you and your content by contributing to your channels with Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave is committed to making the Internet better for all its users. Help your fans stop these aggressive YouTube ads today, and ask them to support you with Basic Attention Token (BAT). DOWNLOAD BRAVE HERE: P.S. if you’re used to watching YouTube via its native apps, try using a YouTube shortcut in Brave on mobile! You can easily make a shortcut on iOS or Android for 1-tap conveni