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Transitions in WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER 2 are missing

After about 2 weeks of searching I’ve finally found the answer and can go back to making movies. It does help to have SERVICE PACK 2 in your WINDOWS XP CD! NOTE: You must be logged on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group in order to perform this procedure. Click Start , click Run , and then type the following command: %systemroot%\inf NOTE : There are no spaces at all in the preceding command line. Click OK to open the INF folder. Locate the file moviemk.inf Right-click the file, and then click Install . This will reinstall the files that Search needs to proceed normally. You will be asked to place your windows XP cd rom in the drive.

MAC OS X INSTALLED on my Intel computer

Yes, you’ve read it right. I successfully installed OS X on my Intel based pc. Wasn’t difficult at all. In a nutshell I; downloaded MAC OS image converted MAC image to .ISO checked MD5 hash patched .ISO so it would work with Intel burned .ISO to DVD booted computer with DVD follow instructions: partitions, accounts etc. play Here’s a few screen shots from the loading and booting of the OS It does help to have compatible hardware. My motherboard’s NIC card, and audio card were not installed by the OS. There’s fully compatible hardware out there, and it’s not that difficult to find. It is possible to build your own MAC for a little over $200.00 (USD). So why spend thousands when you can build one for next to nothing. But after an hour, I went back to XP.

Got a Windows PC? Part 2 of "Free software for Windows"

Here’s my continuation of the FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS post. OpenOffice.Org : Get rid of Excel and Powerpoint Anti-Virus: AVG Free , Avast! , ClamWin . Take your pick I’ve only tried AVG Free and Avast! Bit Comet : I think this is the fastest torrent client out there GIMPShop : move over Photoshop, there’s an open source photo manipulation software in town Media Players: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack , VLC Media Player Juice : download podcasts with this baby instead of iTunes Audacity : essential for those that want to create their own podcasts Filezilla : screw WinFTP! MusikCube : this apparently replaces iTunes. With the recent improvements in Media Player 11, I don’t know why you’d want to switch to anything else Handbrake : rip your DVDs on to your PC. Handy for laptop users who don’t want to lug around their DVD collection around NASA Worldwind : give Google Earth a kick where the SUN DON’T SHINE with Worldwind. Supposed to be waaaaaaaaay better! GnuCash : don’t bother with MS Money or