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Transitions in WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER 2 are missing

After about 2 weeks of searching I’ve finally found the answer and can go back to making movies. It does help to have SERVICE PACK 2 in your WINDOWS XP CD! NOTE: You must be logged on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group in order to perform this procedure. Click Start , click Run , and then type the following command: %systemroot%\inf NOTE : There are no spaces at all in the preceding command line. Click OK to open the INF folder. Locate the file moviemk.inf Right-click the file, and then click Install . This will reinstall the files that Search needs to proceed normally. You will be asked to place your windows XP cd rom in the drive.

Got a Windows PC? Part 2 of "Free software for Windows"

Here’s my continuation of the FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS post. OpenOffice.Org : Get rid of Excel and Powerpoint Anti-Virus: AVG Free , Avast! , ClamWin . Take your pick I’ve only tried AVG Free and Avast! Bit Comet : I think this is the fastest torrent client out there GIMPShop : move over Photoshop, there’s an open source photo manipulation software in town Media Players: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack , VLC Media Player Juice : download podcasts with this baby instead of iTunes Audacity : essential for those that want to create their own podcasts Filezilla : screw WinFTP! MusikCube : this apparently replaces iTunes. With the recent improvements in Media Player 11, I don’t know why you’d want to switch to anything else Handbrake : rip your DVDs on to your PC. Handy for laptop users who don’t want to lug around their DVD collection around NASA Worldwind : give Google Earth a kick where the SUN DON’T SHINE with Worldwind. Supposed to be waaaaaaaaay better! GnuCash : don’t bother with MS Money or