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Official Grand Theft Auto Radio Playlists on Spotify and iTunes

I love playing games from the Grand Theft Auto series and one of it’s coolest features is the radio. As someone who grew up listening to music from the ’80s, the Grand Theft Auto radio playlists from Vice was great. A lot of memories and cheesy ’80s music videos replayed in my head while I cruised the streets of Vice City to my next mission. There were also moments where I would just sit in a car and wait for a song to finish playing..just like in real life. Odd right? But it’s a true story! So Rockstar has made it’s Grand Theft Auto radio playlists available for all to listen. If you use iTunes, you’ll have to purchase the collections. If you’re a Spotify listener, you can listen to the tracks for free on your computer. The only thing, you need to signup and install the Spotify player on your computer. I personally prefer an interface that just plays through the browser. But if you’re jonesing for some Grand Theft Auto playlists, then you really don’t have a choice. So below, you’ll f

THE 6 STEP GUIDE to Setup Your Mac for Music

The Computer You want to start recording music on your Mac……. ……What do I do? How do you set it up to record and create music? Here is the SIMPLE and EASY guide in 6 Steps.   Step One – The Drives First, buy a Solid State Drive. Click here to watch a video on replacing your Macbook harddrive. It is easy, and takes very little time. This will give you huge improvements RIGHT AWAY. …..And make sure your software, and the music you record are on two separate drives. (VERY IMPORTANT)   Step Two – RAM-a-lama Bang Bang RAM. You can almost never have enough. Put the max in, and you will see the improvements you want. The Tech Loft has a great vid on upgrading RAM right here. It doesn’t take long!   If you’re loving this article, share it on Twitter by  clicking here   Step Three – The Format Once you have your new drive installed – do a clean install of OSX. This will speed up your Mac immediately. ONLY takes about 15 minutes!     Step Four – You Gotta Keep  Update your software. All of it.