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PlayStation 2 Refuses To Die

A while ago, I posted a video on YouTube discussing the relevancy of PlayStation 2 (PS2) in a world dominated by next gen consoles. I concluded that the PlayStation 2 is still a great console that deserves to be around for several reasons. The PlayStation 2 is a tried and tested console with many original “PHAT” systems still spinning game discs. The game library is bountiful, with a ton of fantastic titles and franchises. As an introduction to gaming, it’s a great starter system that’s cheap an not to mention the cheap game titles. Final Fantasy XI: Adoulin no Makyou is being released on the PS2 next year, mind you it’s an expansion to a decade old MMORPG. And, yes, while it’s slated for 2013, there is no specific date set. Still, it’s the final proof that the PlayStation 2 console refuses to die and lives on for a little while longer.New game releases for the PS2 have halted, except for a scheduled release in 2013.   >> | The PlayStation 2 Still Has One New Ga

Save $20 on iPhone 5 Lightning Adaptor to 30-pin

With the anouncment of Apple’s iPhone 5 came the debut of the new cable accessory, the iPhone 5 LIGHTNING ADAPTOR.  And due to the iPhone 5 announcement, it instantously voided all use of docking stations without the $35 Lightning Cable Adaptor…even then, the iphone will probably stand up even higher than normal due to the increase height of the iPhone and the use of the Lightning Cable adaptor. So Apple now wants you to but an adaptor that will connect your old gear to it’s new iPhone 5 IF you choose to upgrade. The Lightning to 30-pin adaptor is what you’ll need from Apple at a price tag set to $35. Pissed? Yah, kind of. I have a bed side alarm that uses 30-pin to dock my iPod and iPhone 4s….now I’ll need to dish out an extra $35 to use the same bed side radio alarm with the new iPhone 5. But if you really need to purchase a Lightning Adaptor , don’t go Apple, head to Amazon. Amazon has 3rd party 30-pin to Lightning connector for just $18.00. So to save yourself $20 for your iPhone