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Should I Jail Break My Apple TV 2?

In two words, “HELL YEAH” Up until a few weeks ago, Apple TV to me was nothing more than a media box to buy, rent and view media from your iTunes software on your computer. If I’ve got it wrong, please feel free to leave me a comment because Apple TV by itself it’s anything to write home about. Out of the box, Apple TV allows viewers to connect to iTunes and rent and buy movies and purchase music. Other options include connecting NetFlix (with subscription), watch YouTube as well as other online video services. Integration with your home media is pretty basic, you’ll need to have iTunes install with Home Sharing turned ON. You’ll then be able to stream media from your iTunes library to your TV. A very cool feature of Apple TV is the ability to PUSH content from iPhone, iPad, and Mac to the Apple TV to display on your TV. Pictures, movies and music can be shared via Apple TV for all to enjoy. So with all these lackluster features, why should one buy an Apple TV unit? The reason to buy i