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Will U.S. XBox Live Gold Cards Work in Canada?

I decided to post an article about purchasing XBox Live Gold memberships from U.S. sites  and using them here in Canada. Several Canadians I have seen online were all successful at purchasing an XBox Live Gold Membership online from Amazon.Com and activating here in Canada with a Canadian billing address. Last night, I have done exactly that. Amazon.Com had 12 month XBox Live Gold Memberships (Online Code) discounted down to $39.99 so I added it to my cart, entered a U.S. mailing address address (don’t worry about it bring accurate because nothing is actually shipped, the online code means that the XBox Live code is emailed to you in seconds of your transaction being completed) and entered my payment options. And so, I found the code in my Inbox and activated it through since I was already in front of the computer. All I need to say is…IT WORKED! So whenever Amazon.Com has a sale on XBox Live Gold Memberships , go ahead and take advantage of the offer! If you use my link t

OS X Lion 10.7.2: Decrease Launchpad Icon Size

After updating to Lion 10.7.2, I immediatly noticed that the icons in my Launchpad had increased in sized…OVER sized actually. To me, the new icon size is just too big and ugly. And what pisses me off is that the icon size cannot be changed! If you don’t like the new icon size, there’s hope for you yet. A small hack, easy and simply can be applied to get your Launchpad icons back to 10.7 size. You’ll need to download the Dock app from 10.7 . After downloading the Dock app to your desktop, run this command in Terminal: cd to the directory where file is located chmod 755 Dock Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/, rename Dock to ‘Original Dock’, and place Dock in the folder. Open Terminal, run ‘Killall Dock’ which will restart the Dock application….and that’s it! Open Launchpad and check out the smaller icons!

Hackintosh Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Update to 10.6.8

Wow, what a week. Over a week ago I decided to upgrade my hackintosh to Lion 10.7. I downloaded the installer, setup my USB drive and well, got frustrated. I installed Lion 10.7 and wasn’t able to get my Asus nVidia 8400GS 512MB video card back to it’s full resolution. So I decided to start from scratch..pretty much. It’s very important to have a full cloned back up of your hard drive. You can find out here on how to back up your hackintosh hard drive to a bootable disc . So my back up contained Snow Leopard 10.6.3, what meant I had to bring it up to 10.6.8 before going to Lion. Actually, you need to be at 10.6.6 to update, but the 10.6.8 Combo pack is all that’s available to update. So here’s how I did it: Updated my 10.6.3 machine using MacOSXupdCombo10.6.8.dmg DO NOT REBOOT WHEN COMPLETED Run MultiBeast (Snow Leopard Edition); selected EasyBeast and System Utilities Reboot Since I use an Asus nVidia 8400GS 512MB graphics card, I had to add my device ID (10c3) to NVDAN50.kext Reboot