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Create A PlayStation 2 Bootable Memory Card

It’s here! HOW TO CREATE A PLAYSTATION 2 BOOTABLE MEMORY CARD! Follow the instructions in the video, and you too can create your very own bootable memory card by using FREE MCBoot. You will need a MODDED PS2, a USB memory stick, a free memory card, ULaunch.ELF (copied to cd AND USB stick) & Free_MCBoot.ELF save to your USB stick. FILE DOWNLOADS: ULaunch.ELF: http://sals-taverngroup.googlegroups…. FREE MCBOOT: http://sals-taverngroup.googlegroups…. I hope you find this informative and fun.

How To Drink Absinthe

Every Christmas we get together just before the holiday. This year one of the guys brought ABSINTHE and showed us how to drink it. Special spoon, sugar cube and flame was included. This was captured on my cell phone so the quality isn’t that great.

Rock Band 1 Drums Work With World Tour?

I’ve seen SEVERAL posts asking the question “Will Rock Band 1 Drums Work With Guitar Hero World Tour on the Playstation 3?”. So got thinking for my next YouTube video…providing the answer! Below you’ll find my YouTube video of playing Rock Band Drums with World Tour. Enjoy!

ROCK BAND 1 DRUMS work with WORLD TOUR GAME on Playstation 3

Yes! I can confirm that Rock Band 1 drums will and DO work with GUITAR HERO: WORLD TOUR on the Playstation 3. Today I found Rock Band 1 drums for $29.99 @ Futureshop. A GREAT price no matter how old the technology. If you can find the same deal or better, I urge you to pick up your own drum kit. Of course, this is if you already own Guitar Hero World Tour and guitar.