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A cartoon from the Great Space Coaster....

This was a classic way back in the day. I remember watching these short cartoons on a show called “The Great Space Coaster”. And at the time, “Fox 29” was known as “WUTV Buffalo 29”. When I lived in Woodbridge in the early 80’s, I remember trying to receive WUTV via UHF. It don’t coe through that clear, but clear enough to watch and listen.   httpv://

Appe's Safari for Windows XP, take a break Firefox

Well well well, it looks like someone’s been praying for Safari to be written for Windows. Apple Inc. has released Safari Public Beta 3 for Windows XP and I have to admit, I’m very excited. According to Apple’s website, Safari isn’t just the ‘world’s best browser’ but also ‘The fastest browser on any platform’. Here’s more ‘Safari loads pages up to 2x fastest than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2.’. I my opinion, ANYTHING is faster than Internet Explorer 7 that’s why I haven’t upgraded to IE 7. It’s not only is it slow, but I noticed it slows down several machines. Anyway, I think this is great news for Windows users who know that Apple’s shit is pretty reliable (those who don’t think so can leave a comment below. A comparison chart on Apple’s website show Safari has the quickest numbers for HTML Performance, Javascript Performance and Application Launch. At first glance, Safari seems to have many features available on Firefox, anyone who thinks Firefox has