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Stream Any Video To Your Playstation 3

Looking for a way to watch any movie or TV show on your multimedia powerhouse, Playstation 3? Here’s a step by step , if not a bit convoluted, method of getting nearly all your standard and high definition movies on your computer to play on your big screen using your PS3 (fair warning: this isn’t an easy install and click solution…not for the faint of heart)… Stream video to your Playstation 3 or

PlayStation Network Friend Finder FORUM NOW OPEN!

Readers, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our PlayStation Network Friend Finder Forum. If you looking for a friend to play with or against, simply join our forum and look for the game you want to play with a ‘friend’. If it’s not listed, then post the game with your PSN ID. This will only work if enough eyeballs come to the site and participate. You can place posts for you clans as too! Here’s the site: Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the forum as well!