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JailBreak Your Apple TV2

First of all, order an Apple TV box, you can get the newest version from Amazon . Jailbreaking your Apple TV2 is very straightforward. Download, run Seas0nPass. Seas0nPass for Mac Seas0nPass for Windows When running Seas0nPass, be sure to begin by selecting ‘Create IPSW’ and follow it’s instruction’s. You’ll know your done when Seas0nPass prompts you it’s completed and iTunes completes restoring the firmware to your Apple TV2 (with the modified firmware complied by Seas0nPass).     Installing XBMC   Step 1: (accessing the Apple TV): In Terminal on your Mac or by using Putty on Windows, enter the following at the prompt: ssh root@AppleTV.local  or  root@ip address (Terminal on Mac or Putty on Windows) or $ ssh root@192.168.1.x if AppleTV.local doesn’t work find your atv IP address in Settings à General à Network Use “ alpine ” as your password if you haven’t changed it already. If you named your Apple TV something other than “AppleTV” then you need to replace the text above. The first

Mac OS X Error Code -8072

LOVING MY WESTERN DIGITAL MY BOOK LIVE So I picked up a new Western Digital My Book Live. Enjoying it, still learning how to use it. However I received an error message while using My Live Book. THE REASON FOR THIS POST Error Code -8072. I was prompted with -8072 while trying to delete a few files off the network drive. The reason for the error was not enough permissions. It’s odd that I don’t have enough permissions because I’m the one who uploaded the file to My Book Live originaly. So here’s a way to get around Error Code -8072. Widgets     RESOLVING THE ERROR CODE -8072 Open up Terminal and enter the following: sudo rm -rf (then drag the file.folder you wish to delete into the Terminal window) Press ENTER and the file should be deleted. httpv:// Hope this short quick post helps!   Please leave comments if this solution works for you.