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VIDEO: Cooking A Camp Breakfast With Missing Items

For our first camping trip, we couldn’t expect it to be a perfect excursion. We did forget a few things, but this was a mix of forgetting and depending on someone else to bring their share of the supplies. Watch the video below and get all the details. PODCAST DOWNLOAD LINK

VIDEO: Creating Fire Without Matches part 2

For those who enjoyed PART 1 of our Creating Fire… series, here is part 2. Again, please enjoy!

VIDEO: Creating Fire Without Matches part 1

I forgot to update the readers that I’d be going camping with the boys on August 22nd ’08. So, we went camping and we all had a good time. Good weather, junk food and a decent selection of tunes to keep us company during our stay. As a streat, I have compiled a video from short clips I shot during the trip. The following is part 1 of CREATING FIRE WITHOUT MATCHES.

The Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland

On Aug. 15th 2008 I’ve finally got to ride The Behemoth at Cedar Fair’s Canada’s Wonderland. On my way to the top, I serious had second thoughts about going through with the ride, but it way too late. We were arriving at the peak way faster than I expected. Now it’s important for all of you to know that the BEHEMOTH is NOT a rollercoaster but a HYPERCOASTER. Entrance gate to BEHEMOTH @ Canada’s Wonderland. A hypercoaster can mean one of two things; 1. A “style/model” of roller coaster that incorporates three features: – An initial drop and/or lift hill of 200–299 feet – Lacks any inverting elements – Features a lift hill, not a launch 2. A height classification of roller coasters that incorporates only one of the above features, a lift hill/drop of 200–299 feet. Because of the more common usage of the term “Hypercoaster” for a style of coaster, the term “ Megacoaster ” is more appropriate for height classification. BEHEMOTH’s 70 meter peak. Here’s a few facts of BEHEMOTH: – Model “Hy

Create Exploited Memory Card For PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Before we begin, let be clear that you will need access to a PlayStation 2 (PS2) that will play CD-Rs. This usually means that the PS2 is already modded. I know it’s very weird to read that in order to make an Exploited memory card, you’ll need a modded system already..when we’re trying to use the exploited card to soft mod our systems. But the fact remains, you need a modded PS2 to read the files on the CD-R to exploit your Sony Memory Card. I hope the documentation I’ve provided to you will be easy to understand and follow through.  I’m going document how I created my own bootable memory card. Here’s what you’ll need: access to a modded ps2 console a blank memory card a usb memory stick ULaunch.ELF FREE MCBoot your own unmodded ps2 console STEPS -Unzip and burn ULaunch.ELF to a CD -Unzip and copy FREE MCBoot to your USB memory stick -Create a folder called BOOT/ in your USB memory stick and throw ALL the files from the ULaunch.ELF zipped folder into the BOOT folder -Connect your modd

PSP friendly websites

Recently, I’ve been pretty interested in Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP). The psp is a really nice sleek little system with some nice features. But right out of the box, it only plays UMD games and movies. Now I’m not going to get into hacking or unlocking a psp, that has already been posted on Soundwave’s site, “ Don’t Cross The Streams “. The psp also has the ability to surf the internet wirelessly, so if you ever found yourself in a hotspot, you can pick up the Wi-Fi signal and surf away. But the psp browser is very limited, plus, it does not have a keyboard so I wouldn’t be sending email. However, the surfing capability is very handy for at least checking email, running simple searches, you know that doesn’t require alot of typing. So here’s a short list of sites you can access from your psp while still having it look great and not fall off the screen: Mobile Hotmail Mobile Facebook Google GMail Tetris MSN Messenger Weather Yahoo Slashdot Google Maps (you’ll need to scroll aro

Playstation 2 Homebrewing

I’ve been searching the internet for information on Playstion 2 (PS2) homebrew. One disappointing fact about homebrew was that you needed a modded ps2 to run the applications, but this is not entirely true. During my research I’ve come across a few sources that state that you can run homebrew applications without a modded system. Now the regular way of running homebrew was to simply download, burn and play the software in a modded system that would play burned CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. But now, I’ve found out a way to run those applications and possibley back-ups without a modchip. This post will only introduce that subject to the site as I am in the middle of testing out these crazy neat features without a modchip. Now I must tell you that I did need the help of a modded system to set the whole process up. But once you’ve made your bootable memory card, you’re in the clear. Like I mentioned before, part of my testing consisted of playing back-uped games but also playing backed-up games from a

My PS2 had been repaired and returned

Hey everyone, It’s been a while since my last update, but with the long weekend coming up, I’ll have a few more free minutes to post a few things that I wanted to share with you (my readers). So this post is about my Playstation 2 that I sent away for repair. If some of you refer back to one of my previous posts “ Et Tu Sal? Playstation 2 neglected “, I wrote about how even though I am a Playstation 3 owner, I still love my PS2. Now, I sent off my broken PS2 on Thursday July 24th and the repair depot received it on Monday July 28th. It was entered in the system on the 29th, repaired AND shipped off all in the same day! On Wednesday July 30th, it arrived home. If the quick service doesn’t justify the $65 then I don’t know what does. And about the repairs? Well, it looks like they had a REPLACE a couple of components. I guess I messed up my system pretty bad. Oh, and the PS2 is returned with a 90 day warrenty just in case anything happens again. In any case, there you have it. A short st