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Encrypting BitTorrent Traffic

Encrypting bittorrent traffic in Windows and OS X. In Canada, there’s been a lot of chatter regarding our newly updated Copyright laws under Bill C-11. A big F-U to my MP representative and to the Conservative Party of Canada…leading the great puppet nation of Canada. Politics aside, let me tell you what’s happening right now. Voltage Pictures, the group that brought you The Hurt Locker and a whole list of shitty movies is taking action against user’s that have download The Hurt Locker  via Torrent networks. My guess to avoid being detected as a movie downloader, you should begin to encrypt your torrent downloads. Here’s how you can being encrypting torrent traffic. Windows users will want to user uTorrent, the number currently number 1 torrent client being downloaded right now. Open Preferences, select BitTorrent, under Protection Encryption select ‘FORCED’ and uncheck the box that says “Allow incoming legacy connections”. For uTorrent users running OS X, I have bad news to report, th

Twitter iOS App Introduces Filters

Twitter has announced that it will be adding editing features to it’s latest edition of it’s iOS app. Beginning on Dec 10th 2012, Twitter users on iOS will be able to edit and refine your photos, right within the Twitter app. This update is not only for iOS users, but Android will also see the update. From reading Twitters update on their blof, it appears that they have teamed up with Aviary, for powering their filters and effects. Here are the changes you’ll notice: Filters.  Apply one of eight filters, ranging from black & white to vintage, to add a new look and feel to your photos. Take a bird’s-eye view.  See how each filter would affect your photo in a single grid view, or swipe through looks to compare your options. Frame the action.  Crop and pinch to zoom in order to focus attention. Auto-enhance.  Make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the wand. This is a welcomed update, especially since it’s only been since June 2011 that users have been able to e