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Hotmail on your iPod Touch Mail App

When you set up Hotmail in the e-mail program on your iPod Touch, you may be asked for the following information: POP server : (Port 995) POP SSL required ? Yes User name : Your Windows Live ID, for example Password : The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live SMTP server : (Port 25 or 587) Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password) TLS/SSL required? Yes In addition to POP3, Microsoft offers additional technologies that can provide you with an even richer experience of your e-mail. Try viewing your Hotmail using Windows Live Mail , Microsoft Office Outlook via the Outlook Connector , or Windows Live for Windows Mobile phone. Looking for help with Hotmail? Visit the Windows Live Hotmail Solution Center ! The Solution Center has instructions on how to set up your e-mail software to send and receive Windows Live Hotmail messages using POP3 . You’ll also find instructions on how

Using .MOD files with Windows Movie Maker

DEAR GOOGLE ADSENSE TEAM, THIS PAGE HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF PLACING ADSENSE ADS IN AREAS THAT ARE “ENCOURAGING ADDITIONAL CLICKS”. I WOULD LIKE THE EYES OF A HUMAN TO INSPECT THIS PAGE AND NOT SOME PROGRAMMED BOT. I HAVE AN AD AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST AND TWO ON THE SIDE MENU.   I sometimes post things on my site so I have a record of it and can reference back whenever I need the information. Does your video camera record capture .MOD files in 16:9 but displays 4:3 in Windows Movie Maker? Well, here’s a solution: Several camcorders that record to an internal hdd store video in files with a .MOD extension.  Unfortunately I couldn’t import these directly into Windows Movie Maker. To get the footage into Windows Movie Maker find a program called SDCOPY .  By default my Canon FS100 records in widescreen mode (16:9 aspect ratio).  However, it doesn’t properly set a flag in the .MOD file to indicate this so several programs (including GSpot codec appliance) report the video as being in 4:3

Play DVIX and MP3 files on Playstation 2

Hopefully, the subject above should peak a lot of interest from Playstation 2 owners. Now before you guys throw out your PS2’s, check out the video I’ve put together. I took the time to record myself getting my Playstation 2 to play DIVX files and MP3s. Check out the video below for all the details. Before you start working on your own playstation 2s, remember that this (Dvix and mp3 playback) is only possible with the Memory Card Exploit . If you have a memory card that’s been EXPLOITED, the watch the video and download the following ELF file to your USB stick. Download SIMPLE MEDIA SYSTEM (SMS) here:  

KILLZONE 2 Trailer & Pre-Order Link!

I found the video on my Reader a few days ago. I hope some of my readers haven’t seen it and will watch it from my site. I pre-ordered my copy of Killzone 2 (you should too) . At first I wasn’t but I found it for $53.99 over at Amazon.Ca. Then I found a $10 off coupon so I decided, why the hell not. Oh, and the video looks great.