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TTL Season 2 Ep. 6: Browser Fingerprinting

TTL Season 2 Ep. 6: Browser Fingerprinting Have you heard of browser fingerprinting? Clearing your cookies and browsing data won't defeat this method of harvesting your data. At this moment, the Brave browser is your best defence against browser fingerprinting, download it today:

TTL Podcast: Season 2 Ep. 5: Atari VCS

November is upon us and the next PlayStation and XBox is due for release however, a third console is releasing this month…Atari has returned to the video game console market with the release of it’s Atari VCS. Take a listen for all the details on this gaming console that you might just want to pre-order.

Protect Your Privacy While Protesting

Tips for protecting you privacy before heading out to protest. Leave your cell phone at home Backup your device before going out Encrypt your phone Create stronger passwords Turn off biometric authentication Limit your phone to a single app Opt for secure apps Use airplane mode when you can Use a reputable VPN Most important, keep it peaceful Follow the link below for the full article. Source: 11 Ways To Protect Your Privacy While Protesting | Forbes