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Aeropress Review

This review is 2 years LATE. You see, I received my Aeropress 2 years ago on a simple Google search for ‘best coffee maker’. And Google presented me with links and videos to the Aeropress. I clicked the link and began researching Aeropress reviews and videos. After reading all the positive reviews I began looking for the best price I can find for an Aeropress. Amazon had the Aeropress in stock and was the bench mark for ‘best price’. After searching, Amazon was the best price I can find..other places were priced more AND had shipping to pay for. Brewing coffee with the Aeropress is extremely easy AND clean up is simple. Using the Aeropress is as easy as throwing 2 scoops of ground espresso beans in the chamber, add hot water, count to 10, press and top your mug up with hot water. See how simple that was? Products from ‹ › The best I can do is include a video I recorded of myself describing the Aeropress and using it