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Got a Windows PC? Part 1 of "Free software for Windows"

I recently found an article outlining several programs that virtually eliminates the need to use purchased or pirated software. Ya, and I don’t mean a simple Excel replacement, but it’ll be on the list.   The first listing is actually a bundle of applications from Mozilla. Most of you out there are familiar with Firefox (like myself), but have you seen what else they have? So Firefox is your feature rich web browser with TONS of extensions and plug-ins. Next would be Thunderbird. No, not the marionettes but the one that replaces Microsoft Outlook. Again it’s full of features AND works with all if not most web based internet services out there.  The third application in this bundle is Sunbird. Sunbird is a calendar application the replaces Outlooks Calendar feature. Again it’s easy to use and apparently easy to share dates with your friends. The replacement for Microsoft Wor

Brokeback Bala: Collectors Edition

After receiving my 2 GIG SD memory card on Thursday, I decide to record some video with my camera. The following presentation was filmed at Carlo’s cottage in Bala Ontario. We went up Friday night to do some night fishing and early morning fishing the following day. Marc was the only one who caught anything, a decent little perch, a baby perch and a the leaf of a tree fish. Still, it was nice to get away and just hang out fishing on the dock. Since my camera doesn’t record audio in video mode, I spliced on some acoustic guitar tracks from Brokeback Mountain to really give it a ‘home’ movie feel. Anyways, it’s was neat to record and edit a nice little 8 minute presentation, it was fun. Video: Brokeback Bala: Collectors Edition A few reviews: Reviewer: Snaggy – – May 11, 2006 Subject: Heart Breaking Tale This piece of cinimatic marvel grips the viewer and immerses them into this heart-felt tale of boy-becoming-man. Raw, edgey and no-holds-barred film making is what