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A.V. Roe Avro Arrow CF-105 Slide Show

So do you want to know what really sucks about the Avro Arrow…they were all destroyed. A marvel of Canadian engineering cut up and sent as scrap to the junk yard. This is what stings about the story of the Avro Arrow. Built, designed and destroyed in the 1950’s it’s a shame that all we have are a handful of parts to remind us of what we had…or it reminds of a broken dream. Labeled as “the most advanced interceptor jet in the world” the Avro Arrow never got to show it’s stuff. It’s stuff meaning reaching speeds GREATER than mach 2. On the day of the Arrow’s cancelation, the RL-206 was fueled and fitted with it’s Iroquois engines. But alas, it never got to take off. One reason that comes to mind; the Americans didn’t want the jet to fly. I’m sure that if the rest of the world witnessed the Avro Arrow show it’s stuff, they all would of wanted their own. And the Americans would be left with no cunstomers to buy their jets. Well, I’m not going to continue with a history leasson. There are P

Most Racist Commercial EVER!

Nothing much to say except ‘WATCH THIS VIDEO’!! Gary from Gary’s Mattress get’s them ALL in this commercial. This commercial, which been found out to be a parody has been considered the most racist commercial ever…or at least one of them. httpv:// Gary Mattress Commercial

U2 Fruitleg: Melon Remixes

Melon: Remixes for Propaganda is a compilation of  remixes released by  Irish rock band  U2 exclusively to members of the band’s magazine/fan club,  Propaganda, in spring 1995. Some of the remixes were previously available on singles and some have been re-released on later singles and compilations, while some remain exclusive to this set. The title “Melon” is an  anagram of “Lemon,” which is a reference to  U2’s song of the same name that appears on two tracks of the album. The idea behind the album began when U2 lead singer  Bono complained how people do not dance to U2 music. The album was then created for the band to develop  experimental music and “change people’s perceptions of what to think of U2”.Prior to its release, rumors about the album circulated for three years. Except for copies sent to radio stations, music press outlets, and friends of the band,  Melon was only distributed to subscribers of U2’s official magazine,  Propaganda . At the time of release,  Propag

Free Photoshop Plug-ins And Actions

If you’re just getting your feet wet with Photoshop Plug-ins and Actions, here are a few resources to get you started. Below you’ll find links to some of the very best Actions and Plug-ins found on the interweb. Please enjoy and post a comment if you use any of the posted links. I’ve posted both ‘free’ and ‘paid’ Actions and Plug-ins for Photoshop. Now start getting creative!! Enjoy!! Free actions: Actions Central – Adobe Photoshop Exchange – Action FX – Deviant Art – Free plug-ins: OnOne – (Free versions of some of their popular plug-ins) Auto FX – Paid plug-ins (Most of these companies offer trial versions that you can download)

Free Instructional Photography Videos

Instructional posts are good, having instructional videos are better! Wait, I forgot to mention that these videos are FREE instructional photography videos! The good people at “Lastolite School of Photography” have made several video available online for those who want to learn about photography or refine what they already know about photography.  This appears to be a great resource if you’re into photography. If you have an internet connection, you can access some very good instructional videos at your finger tips and it’s free. If you don’t have online access, you even have the opportunity to download them to watch. The Lastolite School of Photography has made their videos available to you via their website , iTunes , and/or their YouTube channel . There are about 30 videos ranging from just 2 and up to 30 minutes long and yes the videos feature Lastolite softboxes, umbrellas, other lights and modifiers but the information and techniques are applicable regardless of the name on the p

Record HD Video With iPhone 3Gs

Surprised at the title? It appears that the iPhone 3Gs’s processor can handle HD video recording. One quick look at the ARM Cortex processor that the 3GS uses [ PDF Spec ], it’s apparent that the chip is capable of handling 720p video encoding.  So all you need to do is by-pass the artificial limitation Apple has imposed on the hardware. One thing though, is that you must first jailbreak your iPhone and second, install the hack manually into your iphone. I’ve read that there is a Cydia App coming, but you can do this on your own if you’re impatient. Check out the video captured with the new HD settings. httpv:// A few notes: The video is no longer stretched, you are recording at 1080×800, which is 4:3, just like the original video. The video is a lot higher in resolution and bitrate than the original, but the low light capability did not change.  So you’ll still see grains in dark areas. The video will playback smoothly in the Camera Roll in full res.