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THE 6 STEP GUIDE to Setup Your Mac for Music


The Computer

You want to start recording music on your Mac…….

……What do I do?

How do you set it up to record and create music?

Here is the SIMPLE and EASY guide in 6 Steps.


Step One – The Drives

First, buy a Solid State Drive.

Click here to watch a video on replacing your Macbook harddrive.

It is easy, and takes very little time.

This will give you huge improvements RIGHT AWAY.

…..And make sure your software, and the music you record are on two separate drives. (VERY IMPORTANT)


Step Two – RAM-a-lama Bang Bang


You can almost never have enough.

Put the max in, and you will see the improvements you want.

The Tech Loft has a great vid on upgrading RAM right here.

It doesn’t take long!


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Step Three – The Format

Once you have your new drive installed – do a clean install of OSX.

This will speed up your Mac immediately.

ONLY takes about 15 minutes!



Step Four – You Gotta Keep 

Update your software. All of it.

Keeping updated makes all software versions work properly together…….

Literally 5 minutes…….


Sound Interesting, so far? Sign Up to the midi channel to get more!


Step Five – Stay Light on Your Feet

Don’t fill up your drive with movies and music, and downloads etc.

Keep it clean.


Step Six – Plug In

Add only ESSENTIAL plugins.

Porly made plugins, bog your system.

Don’t even install them.


That’s IT?


Implement these 6 EASY steps, and your Mac will be a blazing fast beast ready to take on your next recording project.

Do you know any other tricks?

If you do LET ME KNOW!!

Head over to the midi channel and I will teach you to RECORD LIKE A PRO.




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