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Goozex: Play, Trade & Game More!

{EAV_BLOG_VER:af3dff90c0b386b4}Goozex (short for “Goods Exchange“) is a trading community for video games and movies. It provides the most advanced, feature-rich, and customer-acclaimed platform to trade products for other products. It was rated best in class by many industry experts, including Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games Radar, and Cheapassgamer.

Goozex is one of the most recognized outlets for gamers to acquire video games. Through Goozex users get access to thousands of games across the nation while retaining the full market value of their gaming library. In addition, your trades are covered by the Goozex Guarantee. One of Goozex‘s core values is building the website and service around the demands of our customers, and we actively listen to our members for suggestions and improvements.

Goozex brings the simplicity and excitement of trading to movies too! You can find the best deals for movies on DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD and UMD, all with the usual convenience of trading on Goozex. As for game trades, your movie trades are covered by the Goozex Guarantee. You can also use the automatic shipping labels: another great perk from Goozex!

Goozex provides a unique trading platform for video games and movies. Members trade their products to other members and receive credit in the form of Points. They can then use their Points to order other products from other members. All items are assigned a specific value in Points by Goozex, and each trade costs only a $1.99 transaction fee paid when the member receives the item.

Trading on Goozex is extremely easy: the Goozex system is entirely automatic. All you have to do is list the games and movies you own (in your Offers Queue) and the games and movies you would like to receive (in your Requests Queue). Goozex will find the best match for your, and create a transaction with another member. If the member accepts to ship the item, you will receive what you have requested in a few days. All you pay is the amount of Goozex Points assigned to the item, and $1.99 trade fee to Goozex!

When you trade one of your products, Goozex provides you an automatic shipping label that you can print off your computer and stick to the package: no more lines at the Post Office! Just place the label on the package, and mail it!

Join for FREE and check it out now: GOOZEX


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