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U2 360 Tour 2009: Compilation Download

24 tracks from different cities throughout U2’s 360 Tour during 2009. Grab this FREE two part download TODAY! And as an added bonus, iTunes podcast subscribers will find a track just to wet their pallet!

Once you follow the link below, use the password ‘@SAL’ to reveal the links to the downloads. I hope you enjoy your downloads, I know I am!! TRACK LIST:

01. Intro – Kingdom
02. Breathe (2009-08-20 Sheffield, England) FM
03. Get On Your Boots (2009-06-30 Barcelona, Spain) Matrix fer101, fortylicks, tony /B!gGiRL
04. Magnificent (2009-07-11 Paris, France) Matrix M!les /U2Freak999
05. Mysterious Ways (2009-10-09 – Tampa, FL) The Tootsiehead – Mr. Foo)
06. Beautiful Day (2009-10-23 Las Vegas, Nevada) u22utoo – chrisedge Matrix
07. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (2009-08-15 – London, England) FM
08. Angel Of Harlem (2009-07-18 – Berlin, Germany) wb
09. Electrical Storm (2009-08-01 – Gothenburg, Sweden) unknown
10. No Line On The Horizon (2009-10-09 – Tampa, Florida) The_Tootsiehead <-> Mr._Foo
11. Your Blue Room (2009-09-23 – East Rutherford, New Jersey) JEMS
12. Unkown Caller (2009-09-20 – Foxboro, Massachusetts) daveydave
13. The Unforgettable Fire (2009-08-22 – Cardiff, Wales) gouge1
14. City of Blinding Lights (2009-07-21 – Amsterdam, Netherlands) B!gGirl matrix
15. Vertigo (2009-10-14 – Houston, Texas) aleal5687
16. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight – Remix (2009-09-16 – Toronto, Ontario) Dana
17. Sunday Bloody Sunday (2009-10-03 – Raleigh, NC) Brent P.
18. MLK / Walk On (2009-08-03 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany) Frans
19. Where The Streets Have No Name (2009-07-07 Milan, Italy) Alysha
20. One (2009-09-29 – Landover, Maryland) u6oxone
21. Bad (2009-09-12 – Chicago, Illinois) prof_peabody 22. Ultra Violet (2009-08-10 – Zagreb, Croatia) MacPhisto
23. With Or Without You (2009-09-24 East Rutherford, New Jersey) scb
24. Moment Of Surrender (2009-10-25 – Pasadena, CA) Sdb

The track offered to iTunes subscribers is: Magnificent dated 2009-07-11 from Paris, France


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