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Create Exploited Memory Card For PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Before we begin, let be clear that you will need access to a PlayStation 2 (PS2) that will play CD-Rs. This usually means that the PS2 is already modded. I know it’s very weird to read that in order to make an Exploited memory card, you’ll need a modded system already..when we’re trying to use the exploited card to soft mod our systems. But the fact remains, you need a modded PS2 to read the files on the CD-R to exploit your Sony Memory Card.

I hope the documentation I’ve provided to you will be easy to understand and follow through. I’m going document how I created my own bootable memory card. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • access to a modded ps2 console
  • a blank memory card
  • a usb memory stick
  • ULaunch.ELF
  • FREE MCBoot
  • your own unmodded ps2 console


-Unzip and burn ULaunch.ELF to a CD
-Unzip and copy FREE MCBoot to your USB memory stick
-Create a folder called BOOT/ in your USB memory stick and throw ALL the files from the ULaunch.ELF zipped folder into the BOOT folder
-Connect your modded PS2 to your television
-Insert your USB memory stick into one of the USB ports on the modded ps2
-Turn the modded system on and load the ULaunch.ELF cd

-Follow the instructions when ULaunch.ELF loads. The “O” botton acts like thge “X” button when you want to select and navagate into a directory. So hit ‘DOWN’ (to Filebrowser) on the directional pad and hit “O”.

-So now you’ll see all the device drives you have on your PS2. MC0:/ = memory card slot 1, MC1:/ = memory card slot 2, mass:/ = whatever is connected to your usb slot, cdfs:/ = cd rom. Scroll down to ‘mass:/’ and press “O” to display the files on your USB memory stick.

-The image above shows all the files on my USB memory stick. Now scroll down to ‘FREE_MCBOOT.ELF” and press “O” to load the application.

-After a few seconds, FREE MCBoot loads and you’re ready to begin creating your boot memory card. So first FORMAT your card to get it nice and clean. Then, select ‘Multi-Version Install” (just to be safe). Once complete, setup your unmodded system to your television if it’s not already connected.

-Now if you only insert your memory card into the unmodded ps2 and turn it on, you should get the screen above. Now if you try and Launch Free McBoot, the screen will go black but then return to the above again. What you need to do, is also insert your USB memory stick.

-Once you insert the USB memory stick and reboot your system, the above image should be seen. If you do see it, you have been successfull in creating you memory card boot. Now you’ll get to have some fun with playing mp3s files, DIVX movies, SNES, MAME, Atari etc. through emulation.

You can order an Exploited memory card from me if you have no access to a modded system.


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