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"Et Tu Sal?" Playstation 2 neglected?

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, I love my Playstation 2 just as much as the first day I bought it. And I have to proof to back up my love for my ol’ PS2.

Several months ago, I was fiddling around with my Slim PS2 to see if I could play backed up dvds. I was using these little plastic tabs and placing them at different points under the lid of the PS2. Well, let me say that it was a complete waste of time and a STUPID idea. In the end, I did something bad to my system and since then, when I turned my system on, I hear this loud buzzing sound when it boots up and accesses the disc.

A couple of nights ago I had taken it out again and hooked it up to my television set in the bedroom… was still making the buzzing sound but this time, the disc was not able to be read.

Sony commits 10 years to it’s products which give the PS2 life until 2010.

So now I’m really kick myself for messing around with the system, now it doesn’t work at all!
So to prove my love for my system, I called up Sony and requested for my little PS2 to be serviced. Now many of you are probably thinking, “But you have a PS3, why waste the money on repairing the PS2?” A valid point (sort of) but one of the appealing points of the PS2 was DVD playback (much like BluRay for the PS3) and it’s a great player for the second tv in the house. Also, my PS3 is not backwards compatible with PS2 games (which is NOW THE STANDARD) and there are still some GREAT PS2 titles…even more than the PS3 at the moment.

So you see, I HAVE to save my PS2, it’s still a great console, it’s still supported (150 new game titles for 2008) and I’m going to try and have it access network devices so I can try and stream videos and MP3s to it.

Now here’s a question for any original XBox owners out there, “How do you feel about XBox support ending when the 360 was released?”. I’ll tell you right now that if I was an XBox owner, it would SUCK.
So there you have it, I still love my PS2…poor little guy, neglegted and beat up. Oh, and to repair it wasn’t terrible expensive. For the Slim model, repair and return shipping was about $70.00 Canadian. The company which repairs the system is located in Whitby AND have a 7 – 10 day turn around. So I guess were not waiting 6 – 8 weeks which a big surprise.

Leave your comments below. Latez!


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