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Tim Horton's Coffee Sucks

6 Years ago I would agree that Tim Horton’s coffee tasted great good, but within these past couple of years, it’s been shit.

No word of a lie, I cannot stand the taste of Tim Horton’s coffee in my mouth. One sip of Tim’s brew tastes more like fillers than actual coffee. I’m surprised I haven’t pulled out sheds of communist era newspaper from my cup.

So what’s happened? What’s changed? I have no idea, and I’m opening up the discussion because I’d really like to know what’s happened to Timmy’s coffee. I used to think it was one specific location but I’ve visited many different sites and it all tastes like crap to me. And now you can find a Tim Horton’s on very corner; great, liquified crap in a cup. It also doesn’t help that they keep raising their prices. If the coffee TASTED good, then I wouldn’t complain so much, but can’t even swallow a sip of Tim’s coffee. Yuck!

Now how about some places where you can still get decent coffee. Many people agree that Country Style serves up some good coffee, and it actually TASTES like coffee. As for people who enjoy the premium blends, I enjoy Second Cup Starbuck Coffee, Pike Place to be exact! You KNOW they use good beans…and it’s ALL BEANS. I doubt there is any fillers in their coffee. If I’m not mistaken, they grind the bean right in the store.

So there you have it, Tim Horton’s is one of the WORST places to get a cup of coffee. And even if I feel like having a cup of coffee and Tim’s is the only shop (with 5 in the immediate vicinity) in town, I just drive by and go home empty handed. It’s just not worth it and I can brew a better cup of coffee at home.

Remember, this is open to comments, leave them below.

Tim Horton’s Coffee = (shit + newspaper)² + used stale coffee grounds


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