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Review of SCREECHED with "Big D"

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A few days ago I downloaded SCREECHED with Saved By The Bell’s own Dustin ‘SCREECH’ Diamond or A.K.A. BIG D as he calls himself in the video.
First off, I don’t know if “Big D” stands for Big DICKHEAD, Big DUMBASS or Big DUNCE, you decide. Dustin Diamond just talks throughout the whole video making me turn to the mute button just so you can try and somewhat enjoy the video. The next thing is the “girls” this guy goes up to visit, you can say ROUGH or RUFF!
Let me give you a brief synopsis of the movie. “Big D” is staying in a hotel and has a request to show up at this girl’s bachelorette party that’s in another room. Of course “Big D” brings along his camera and goes up to see the bride to be and her maid of honour. It goes on with a Magnum XXL condom being whipped out, the bride to be getting persuaded to give head AND having “Big D”‘s weiner easily fall in her.
I would only recommend you watch this FOR FREE to see this guy make an ass out of himself. I mean, who’d pay to see this guy yap away and sex up a couple of rough looking ladies. On the action scale, this movie gets a 0.5 out 5. The half point was earned because we did get to see some skin.
You watch it here if you don’t mind his ugly face and hearing his constant yapping….a true piece of shit.


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