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19 March 2019 ~ 0 Comments

TTL Podcast Ep. 15: Google gaming, Atari VCS & Toronto Blue Jays

podast Atari VCS game console gets pre-release upgrade (to AMD Ryzen) Sony to buy Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games claim rumours What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019?    

08 March 2019 ~ 0 Comments

TTL Podcast Ep. 14 – PlayStation Vita Dies, Microsoft Game Pass for ALL, Nintendo for the People and MORE!

podast Ubisoft plans massive expansion to Exchange District studio   Final Fantasy VII is Heading to Xbox One at the End of March    

21 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

The Tech Loft Podcast Episode 13: Rare Super Mario, Google Gaming and MORE


In episode 13 of The Tech Loft Podcast; SUPER rare copy of Super Mario Bros sold, Google could be entering console gaming, cord cutter numbers increase, new emojis and sources for free AAA games! NEWS LINKS:

19 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

OpenEmu BIOS System Files


This post is for MAC/OSX users who emulate gaming consoles. OpenEmu is a great console emulator for OSX and it’s the one I use to play retro game ROMs. Some games, require a BIOS file or System File that the ROM may look for if it were in being played on actual hardware. Instead of […]

16 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

What’s new with Alexa? – Feb. 15 2019


Let me brighten your day. Just say, “Alexa, tell me a light bulb joke.” THINGS TO TRY “Alexa, what’s the latest?” Get the latest news headline with Alexa as the newscaster. Learn more. “Alexa, when is President’s Day?” “Alexa, tell me a presidential fact.” “Alexa, open Lemonade Stand.” “Alexa, play the Amazon Original by Mumford & […]

09 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

What’s New Alexa for Feb 08 2019


My poetry puts the petal to the metal. Just say, “Alexa, roses are red…” THINGS TO TRY “Alexa, play me a love podcast.” “Alexa, what movies are playing this weekend?” “Alexa, can you beatbox?” “Alexa, play the GRAMMY Nominees playlist on Apple Music.” Stream Apple Music on compatible Echo devices. Just enable the Apple Music Skill and […]

08 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

TTL Podcast – Ep. 12 Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo & Apple


PlayStation Classics are being given away with these new promotions Every free NES game added to Nintendo Switch Online in February 2019  

22 January 2019 ~ 0 Comments

TTL Podcast Ep. 11 – PlayStation, Nintendo and Tech News


Welcome to this week’s edition of The Tech Loft Podcast. In this episode we bring you PlayStation and Nintendo news along with other tech news. You can subscribe to our podcast through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify and all other fine podcasting platforms. Rocket Legue Cross Play: PlayStation 4 Sales Closing in on […]

21 December 2018 ~ 0 Comments

The Tech Loft Podcast Ep. 10 – PlayStation Classic FLOPS plus MORE


Here are the headlines in this weeks episode of the Tech Loft Podcast. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft news including some Alexa news. The Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass and other twerking toys go on sale

08 December 2018 ~ 0 Comments

PlayStation Classic Hacking Videos

playstation blog

Development of hacking Sony’s PlayStation Classic is underway and while I have MY PlayStation Classic still unopened, I’m waiting to see how quickly the hacking community can bust open the PlayStation Classic. If there’s light at the end of the tunnel, then I may just hang on to my Classic mini console. Since Sony’s announcement […]