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Xbox 360 Overheating Solution

Desperate Xbox 360 gamers are trying to find an adequate Xbox 360 overheating solution for their Xbox overheating problems. The search for a low cost solution has even led them to some less than reputable and at times dangerous “methods” or quick fixes. One of the more notable ones would be the “towel trick.” The irony of this one is that for a method which tries to solve the Xbox 360 overheating problems, the basics of this technique involves heating up the Xbox console to dangerous levels by wrapping it in a thick cotton towel while the unit remains turned on.

Gamers need to know how to fix the overheating problem on their Xbox 360 before it becomes a bigger issue. The interior of the Xbox 360 is practically crowded due to its compact design. Heat producing parts are placed side by side preventing adequate air circulation causing it to overheat. Nothing can be done about the component arrangements but we can increase the amount of cool air that could be coming in through the vents to help bring down the overall temperature inside the Xbox 360.

What To Avoid
A big mistake people make is putting a desk or floor fan right behind the Xbox console with air blowing into the back of it. The problem with this is that the Xbox 360 internal fans are designed to pull air from inside and out the back. So having another fan blowing into it from the back will make it very inefficient and in reality contribute to the overheating. A very straight-forward solution is to buy an affordably priced U-S-B fan and position it in the front vents of the Xbox 360, and this should assist the primary fan by blowing out the hot air faster. The use of compressed air in a can will also be beneficial to quickly blow out dust particles from the unit.

One of the dangers of your Xbox 360 overheating is that the X-clamps which keep the chips firmly attached to the motherboard could become loose. Smaller issues like these add up quickly and eventually cause the Xbox 360 to come to a grinding halt. And at this point it begins to display flashing red lights. The best approach to this overheating situation is to get the Xbox 360 repaired. As long as your console is still under its warranty one of your best options is to have it fixed by Microsoft repair centers totally free. But if your warranty has expired it can be an expensive ordeal with the price ranging up to $140 + shipping. It is going to also cost you in time spent waiting; because it might take several weeks to get your console back. For this reason more gamers are investing in a personal Xbox guide which shows them how to fix their Xbox 360 in no more than 3 hours.

Use The Best Xbox 360 Repair Guide
If you do not want to cause more damage to your Xbox 360, it is necessary to invest in an Xbox fix guide that will show you the way to perform regular maintenance on your console; as well as fix any damage that overheating has already contributed to. But in order to get access to the right information out there, it is vital to make sure that you are using the correct guide obtainable. I say this because there are actually quite a lot of options to choose from.

Thankfully you will not go crazy trying to decide on one because I recently compared 3 of the best ones on the internet while I was browsing around for the right Xbox 360 overheating solution. I believe that these results should encourage you to make the correct decision that is right for you.
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