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What Is Safe Mode on the PS5? How to Use It

Your PS5's Safe Mode is a great option to explore should you run into any problems. Let's find out more.

Definitely disapproving of your PS5 can be an unpleasant encounter, however there are a few things you can attempt prior to racing to the store to sort it out. At times, utilizing Experimental Mode could fix your PS5's concerns. Experimental Mode permits you to refresh your PS5 disconnected, restart your control center, and, surprisingly, hard reset your PS5 if essential.

PS5 Experimental Mode is an incredible instrument for resolving little issues you may be encountering with your control center. Here is all that you want to be aware of Experimental Mode on the PS5 and how to utilize it.

What Is Safe Mode on the PS5?

The PS5 Safe Mode menu gives the client admittance to the framework's most fundamental capabilities for the purpose of investigating. It tends to be utilized at whatever point your PS5 is misbehaving to settle numerous information or show issues you may have.

Below is a list of all the PS5 Safe Mode functions and what you can use them for:

Restart PS5: This option simply restarts your console. It's also one of the methods you can use to exit Safe Mode.

Change Video Output: This setting allows you to pick from two options: Change Resolution to 480p or Change HDCP Mode. This option can be used for fixing display issues such as blank screens. If you feel like your PS5 display isn't operating as powerfully as it could be, you can also enable 120HZ output on your PS5 from within the system settings to boost its performance.

Update System Software: Updating your PS5 system software from Safe Mode is one of the three ways you can update your console. For more information on the other methods you can use, check out our guide on how to update your PS5.

Restore Default Settings: This will reset your console to the default factory settings. Any data stored on the console itself, such as games, will remain intact.

Clear Cache and Rebuild Database: Clearing the cache on your PS5 can help with any performance drops you are experiencing. Rebuilding the database scans the drive and creates a new database of all the content on your system. This can be useful for removing icons of deleted games that may remain on your Home screen.

Reset PS5: This setting is used to reset your PS5 completely, including any user data that may be present on your console. For that reason, it is highly recommended that, if possible, you back up any data you wish to keep before resetting your PS5.

Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software): This option, like the one above, resets your console while also reinstalling the software. This option can be used in the most serious of circumstances to completely start over with your system.

It is important that a portion of these choices might erase any or all information put away on your PS5. So backing up your information on a USB drive or Cloud Server as often as possible, and particularly prior to utilizing Protected Mode, is suggested.

How to Use Safe Mode on the PS5

Initiating Protected Mode on your PS5 is exceptionally basic. If your PS5 requires investigating, hold down the power button for roughly seven seconds until you hear a subsequent signal.

Since the control center is just working on its generally essential level while in Protected Mode, you will not be able to associate your regulator through Bluetooth. The control center will incite you to interface a regulator through a USB port to peruse the Protected Mode menu.

There are two methods for shutting PS5 Experimental Mode. You can either pick the principal choice on the menu and restart your PS5, or just hold the power button until the control center switches off. Your control center will boot up regularly when you are prepared to walk out on once more.

Safe Mode Can Solve Some, but Not All of Your PS5 Issues

Utilizing Protected Mode on the PS5 is an incredible method for investigating issues you might have with your control center, however on the off chance that they are significant enough Experimental Mode will most likely be unable to totally tackle them. Assuming that the issues you're having continue even in the wake of playing out a hard reset, it is prompted that you take your control center in to be fixed or supplanted.


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