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The $100 STARTUP Book Review


First off, thanks for clicking the link that led you my post, “The $100 Startup Book Review”. You’re probably like me searching for a ‘Plan B’ or trying to become your own boss living your own dream. Well, that’s one of the reasons I picked up The $100 Startup; that and the fact that the title was too hard to resist.


The $100 StartupThe $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau was a very good read. The book is well written, easy to understand and if you’re like me, won’t put it down until you’ve reach the end. I enjoyed reading The $100 Startup because it got me thinking and motivated to actually think about which one of my passions I could profit from.


The $100 Startup was written in logical order; think about your passion, find out who would pay for your service of product, compile your work, setup your website and then bring it to market. Okay, that’s the condensed version…which is what I typed from memory. But the book covers each step in very good detail.


The $100 Startup is based on real people who have actually made the switch from working for someone to working for themselves with very little startup costs. Listed in the book are case studies and testimonials of entrepreneurs who have made their hobby into a full time gig. The names of the entrepreneurs are provided with their business and their location.


When I started reading The $100 Startup, I couldn’t put the book down, however I kind of slowed down when I reached the section of launching your product. Reason for slowing down was because I was stuck on trying to think of an idea i can provide and sell. But like I mentioned before, The $100 Startup was a great tool for motivating me to think and at least try to come up with an idea of what I can bring to market.

Even though I’m having a tough time launching my own idea to build a business, it shouldn’t stop you from giving The $100 Startup a read. I’m not sure if I have a hobby that I can utilize to be a full time or even part time job so this is what’s holding me back. The $100 Startup won’t tell WHAT to sell, just how to brainstorm, compile and sell your idea so you can start earning an income off something you enjoy like your hobby.

There is also an accompanying website to the book which offers FREE resources to getting you started and launching your project. You can find these resources and other book reviews at

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