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Encrypting BitTorrent Traffic

Encrypting bittorrent traffic in Windows and OS X. In Canada, there’s been a lot of chatter regarding our newly updated Copyright laws under Bill C-11. A big F-U to my MP representative and to the Conservative Party of Canada…leading the great puppet nation of Canada. Politics aside, let me tell you what’s happening right now.

Voltage Pictures, the group that brought you The Hurt Locker and a whole list of shitty movies is taking action against user’s that have download The Hurt Locker  via Torrent networks.

My guess to avoid being detected as a movie downloader, you should begin to encrypt your torrent downloads. Here’s how you can being encrypting torrent traffic.

Windows users will want to user uTorrent, the number currently number 1 torrent client being downloaded right now. Open Preferences, select BitTorrent, under Protection Encryption select ‘FORCED’ and uncheck the box that says “Allow incoming legacy connections”.

For uTorrent users running OS X, I have bad news to report, the option to ignore non encrypted connections is not available. But not to worry, there is an equally good torrent client to use that allows ignoring unencrypted connects. Forward your browsers to TransmissionBT.Com, and download the BitTorrent client Transmission, which will have the feature to ignore unencrypted connections. Under Preferences, open ‘Downloads’ and check the box next to “ignore unencrypted connections”.

Hopefully these tips will help you hide from the ‘download police’ bastards. If you have any tips to share, feel free to post in the posts Comment section.


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